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Store consumer journey.

Store consumer journey. ? 1. Establish needs Understand what product(s) and budget customer has. 10. Welcome and start up CPM welcome email and SMS. 2. Choose plan Use FreeMe product grid to match customer data needs. 9. Close Close and hand over all deal components (SIM, devices, accessories). 3. Choose phone Provide options of phones to match customer usage, i.e. screen size, memory, OS, etc. 8. Onboarding Welcome brochure with quick reference guide. 4. Build deal Match phone to FreeMe plan and confirm total deal cost. 7. While processing Free in-store WiFi (if available). 5. Upsell Offer bolt-on options to support customer needs (i.e. porting, phone accessories, device insurance). 6. Application process 1. FICA documents. 2. Credit vetting. PAGE 6 44607 Telkom FreeMe Trade Presenter_Rev3.indd 6 2016/07/12 3:14 PM

Product offering. So what is FreeMe? FreeMe includes messages and calls via WhatsApp, BBM & Viber FreeMe includes free calls to Telkom fixed-line and Telkom mobile numbers FreeMe includes texts to all networks FreeMe includes calls to other networks, depending on the plan PAGE 7 44607 Telkom FreeMe Trade Presenter_Rev3.indd 7 2016/07/12 3:14 PM

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