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Nutramigen (previously Nutramigen AA) As your baby has been prescribed Nutramigen PURAMINO, here is some information that you will find useful. Nutramigen PURAMINO is a nutritionally complete amino acid-based formula that is suitable for use as a sole source of nutrition for up to 6 months of age or as part of a varied (weaning) diet from 6 months of age onwards. Nutramigen PURAMINO is a food for special medical purposes and must be used under medical supervision. Preparation instructions 1 Wash hands and clean preparation area thoroughly. - Sterilise all bottles, teats, caps and utensils 4 Cap the bottle, roll and shake well until powder dissolves completely. - Check temperature by dropping fluid on the inside of your wrist. It should not feel warm nor cold 2 5 3 Boil fresh water. (Do not use softened water). - Leave to cool for up to 30 minutes prior to mixing - Do not use softened water - Pour the desired amount of hot water into clean sterile bottle or cup Add required number of level scoops of powder (see feeding guide). - Store dry scoop in the tin Once prepared, formula can spoil quickly. Feed immediately after preparation or cover and store in a refrigerator at 2–4°C for no longer than a total of 24 hours. - Do not freeze prepared formula and do not use if unrefrigerated for more than a total of 2 hours - Use formula that has been in contact with your baby’s mouth within 1 hour and do not keep and refrigerate any unused formula after feeding. Throw away any prepared formula left in bottle and clean utensils - Do not heat feeds in a microwave Feeding guide Unless your healthcare professional advises you otherwise, use this chart as a guide for the correct amounts of boiled water and powder to use. Age Approx. weight Number of Water kg lbs bottles/24 h ml fl.oz + Scoops † 0–2 weeks 1 year >9.5 20 1 /2 2-3 ‡ 240 8 8 † Only use scoop in tin. Do not press powder into scoop, level off with the back of a clean, dry knife. 1 level scoop (4.5 g) to each 30 ml of water. ‡ When children do not receive adequate quantities of solid food, the quantity of formula needs to be adjusted strictly following advice of a healthcare professional. A solution for all your CMA needs