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PLAYER SPONSORSHIP JO TRIP- £1.2k+ VAT- 2018 SEASON JO TRIP Making her Surrey Storm debut at The O2 Arena for the British Fast5 All Stars, fans are eagerly waiting to watch Jo Trip in Superleague action for Storm this season. Jo was a vital part of the regular season title winning Loughborough Lightning squad last season, picking up her first runners-up medal in the process, meaning her signing was an exciting move. for Head Coach Tania Hoffman. Date of birth: 24 th June 1990 Home nation: New Zealand Position(s): GK/GD Honours: 2017 Superleague runners-up

PLAYER SPONSORSHIP CHARMAINE BAARD- £1.2k+ VAT- 2018 SEASON TBC- £1.2k+ VAT- 2018 SEASON 2018 CHARMAINE BAARD Charmaine Baard is one of the newest members of Storm’s impressive attacking roster. Swapping South Africa for the UK, Charmaine will be playing her first season in the Superleague this year. Both her and fellow attacker Sigi Burger share international experience as part of South Africa’s squads. Their shooting expertise and chemistry on the court should make for an electric partnership this season. Date of birth: 17/2/1995 Home nation: South Africa Position(s): GA/GS Honours: South Africa Fast5 squad 2016, 2017