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EZGO Colors.2.5.3

Freedom RXV. From rides

Freedom RXV. From rides around the neighborhood to quick errand runs, the E- Z-GO Freedom RXV is designed to help you enhance your lifestyle. Choose between the electric model’s patented AC drive and the low-emission, 13.5-hp gas-powered model. No matter where the day takes you, let the Freedom RXV get you there 2018 Freedom RXV Freedom RXV Standard Features Standard Top Split Windshield Headlights / Tail Lights / Brake Lights / Horn Battery Indicator Comfort Grip Steering Wheel Standard Wheels and Tires 3 Year Limited Warranty Base Price : $6,950 Standard Features Base Price : $6,950 Upgrades: Custom 14” SS Wheels Custom Seats JVC A/M Stereo w/ Bluetooth and Pods Sunbrella Track Enclosure Price: $9,950 Burgundy Metallic Charcoal

Freedom RXV Standard Features: Standard Top, Split Windshield, Battery indicator, Headlights / Tail Lights / Brake Lights / Horn Comfort Grip Steering Wheel, Standard Wheel and Tires 3 Year Limited Warranty Base Price : $6,950 2018 Freedom RXV 2018 Freedom RXV \\ Standard Features Base Price : $6,950 Upgrades: 14” Custom Mag Wheels Custom Bolster Seats Powder Coated Struts Price: $8,500 Standard Features Base Price : $6,950 Upgrades: 12” Custom SS Wheels Custom Bolster Seats Price: $8,200 Metallic Charcoal

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EZGO Colors.
EZGO Colors.2.5.6
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EZGO Colors.3
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EZGO Colors.
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