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shipTA Shipside Application User Guide February 8, 2018 6.2 Approver Menu Figure 7. Approver Menu 6.3 Certifier Menu Note: If a user is an Approver and a Certifier, Figure 8. Certifier Menu would appear above the Certify tab. NOAA Official Use Only 8

shipTA Shipside Application User Guide February 8, 2018 7. Timesheet On a timesheet, the user can: Choose transaction code Enter number of hours worked each day and OT pay Choose days that to be credited towards shore leave accrual. *Certifiers: please be sure that employees are assigned to approvers and certifiers before they submit a timesheet When the timesheet is complete, user can ‘Attest’ their timesheet (confirming all time reported was worked and abides to laws and regulations) and send to their Manager, Supervisor, etc. (Approver) for approval. The timesheet is then sent to XO, CO (Certifier) for certification. A Certifier can also Attest, Approve, and Certify a timesheet at once, described in Section 12.2 After a timesheet is certified, it is included in the batch file to be processed for payroll. Figure 9. Timesheet 7.1 Choosing and Changing a Transaction The default transaction is ‘Base Pay’. To choose a different transaction, click the downward arrow to select a transaction from dropdown list. Keep in mind that if the user does not enter hours for a transaction, the entry is not saved. Each ship’s transaction codes are unique need to be maintained by the Certifier. NOAA Official Use Only 9

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