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shipTA Shipside Application User Guide February 8, 2018 Figure 14. Confirm Deleting Row 7.1.5 Entering Overtime (OT) Pay Similar to choosing transactions, the user chooses ‘OT Pay’ from the drop down menu. Enter the dollar amount in the field provided. Dollar amounts are added at the end of each week and for the total pay period. Figure 15. Entering OT Pay An error message appears if the employee attempts to enter an amount over $200. Figure 16. Maximum Dollar Amount 7.2 Entering Hours The user enters hours worked in field below. The system will automatically compute total hours in week 1, week 2, and total for the pay period. User can edit hours as much as they like before the timesheet is approved. When the timesheet is approved or certified, the timesheet is ‘locked’, or view-only to the employee. Time entries are rounded up to next 15-minute interval. For example, if the user enters 7.50 (7 hours and 50 minutes) the system will automatically round up to 8 hours. NOAA Official Use Only 12

shipTA Shipside Application User Guide February 8, 2018 *After entering time, click Tab (Enter key is disabled) Figure 17. Entering Hours 7.3 ‘Checking’ Shore Leave Credits User checks checkbox above the day that should be counted toward shore leave accrual. The Shore Leave Credit Reports for Certifiers will reflect the shore leave credits for each employee. Figure 18. Entering Shore Leave Credits The grey bar tallies the total amount of credits, or boxes, checked on the timesheet. The red bar tallies the amount of credits towards one day of shore leave (15 shore leave credits equal one day of leave) 7.4 Submitting Timesheet To submit the timesheet, user clicks the appear to inform the attester the significance of attesting a timesheet. Figure 19. Confirm Attested Timesheet button. A window will NOAA Official Use Only 13

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