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shipTA Shipside Application User Guide February 8, 2018 If employee cancels, and they can continue to edit their timesheet. If the employee confirms, (attests timesheet, send to approver), they can continue to edit their timesheet and submit until the timesheet is approved. 7.4.1 Error Message Over 24 Hours Error message will appear if a time entry is over 24 hours per transaction. Figure 20. Maximum Hours per Transaction 7.5 Timesheet Statuses If the status of the timesheet changes, the status ‘button’ text and colors change. The table below describes the terms and meanings of the status button. The button also corresponds with the status in the top right corner of the user’s timesheet. Figure 21. Timesheet Status NOAA Official Use Only 14

shipTA Shipside Application User Guide February 8, 2018 Table 1. Timesheet Statuses STATUS TERM MEANING Approver Name Approver Name Approver Name User’s account is not assigned to an approver. Employee must contact user with Certifier access to assign employee to an Approver. A similar status is displayed if the employee is not assigned to a Certifier. User is entering time and has not submitted timesheet for approval 1. User has attested time and sent to Approver. 2. If the approver has denied the timesheet or the certifier has unlocked/cancelled the timesheet, the button will be yellow. Therefore, if the button is yellow it can be edited and submitted. Timesheet has been approved, locked to employee Certifier Name Timesheet has been certified, locked to employee: NOAA Official Use Only 15

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