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shipTA Shipside Application User Guide February 8, 2018 9.3 Certifier Reports Figure 27. Certifier Reports Menu 9.3.1 All Timesheet Status This report is the same as the Staff Timesheet Status Report, but provides details for every employee on the ship. NOAA Official Use Only 20

shipTA Shipside Application User Guide February 8, 2018 9.3.2 Leave Requests The Leave Request report provides details of the status of employee’s leave requests. Figure 28. Leave Request Report 9.3.3 All Transactions The All Transactions Report provides details for transactions selected by employees. Certifiers can view data by pay period and search for transaction type, name, etc. Figure 29. All Transactions Report 9.3.4 Shore Leave Credits by PP The Shore Leave Credits by PP (pay period) Report provides count of the total shore leave days and credits, and shore leave days and accrued credits per pay period (expanded view). By clicking the the user sees the days that were counted towards shore leave accrual and the credits that counted towards that specific day within a pay period. NOAA Official Use Only 21

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