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shipTA Shipside Application User Guide February 8, 2018 12. Certify Only a user with Certifier permissions can certify timesheets. On the right side menu, user clicks to view list attested timesheets and associated details (From, Total Hours, Submitted on, etc.). If an approved timesheet is waiting certification, status will be green Figure 37. Certify Timesheets Notice the ‘Check All’ Function allows the user to certify multiple timesheets at once. 12.1 Certify Timesheets After the user clicks ‘Certify Timesheet’ a window will appear to allow Certifier to confirm certification. Figure 38. Certify Timesheet Confirmation Once Certified, the timesheet will be locked to Approvers and Attesters. Only Certified timesheets will be included in the batch file. For directions for how Certifiers certify their own timesheets and on behalf of employees, refer to Section 12.2 12.1.1 Cancel Certified Timesheet When a Certifier clicks cancelation they are prompted to provide reason for NOAA Official Use Only 26

shipTA Shipside Application User Guide February 8, 2018 Figure 39. Cancel Certified Timesheet Cancelling a Certified timesheet returns the timesheet to the Approver to make corrections. 12.1.2 Unlock Timesheet When a Certifier clicks Figure 40. Confirm Unlock they are prompted to confirm unlocking timesheet. Unlocking a timesheet returns the timesheet to the Attester to make corrections. It will then have to be re-approved and sent to Certifier. 12.2 Add Timesheet Adding a timesheet is one of the most valuable functions for a Certifier. A Certifier would use this function to create, populate, and submit a timesheet for themselves and for an employee. Doing so would complete the approval and certifying process at once. 12.2.1 For Themselves 1. Click Add Timesheet 2. Select yourself from dropdown menu 3. Complete timesheet accordingly 4. Click 12.2.2 For Employee 5. Click Add Timesheet 6. Select Employee from dropdown menu 7. Complete timesheet accordingly 8. Click NOAA Official Use Only 27

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