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shipTA Shipside Application User Guide February 8, 2018 13.3 Transactions The user can add and edit transactions. It is critical that the user adds or edits a transaction code accurately. The system does not validate entries, therefore the user would not know if there was an issue with a transaction code until the file would fail to import to WebTA. If this occurs, the Shore-side admin or the Certifier would edit the Transaction code accordingly, save changes, and re-import the file into webTA (overriding the data from the previous import). Figure 51. Transaction List Table 4. Table Details TERM Trans Code Title Acct Code Comments Required Trans Type Status MEANING Transaction Code number ID Transaction Title Accounting Code Rules for Comments - Optional: Employee has the option of adding a comment - No: Comment not required - Yes: Comment required Hours or money 13.3.1 Edit Transaction Code Click either the transaction code number or title to view and edit. Figure 52. Edit Transaction Code NOAA Official Use Only 34

shipTA Shipside Application User Guide February 8, 2018 The following screen will allow the user to edit the fields (Transaction Codes, Title, Full Account Code, Comment Prompt (Required, Optional, No), Type of Transaction (Time or Money) and Account status (Active or Inactive) 13.3.2 Add Transaction Code At the top right of the screen click . The same fields will appear for the edit transaction function. To cancel adding the transaction, click button and to be redirected to Transactions table without saving the Transaction. Manage Accounting Codes When user clicks they can select and accounting code and choose if it will be the default accounting code or not. They can also activate or deactivate the accounting code by choosing from the available dropdown. User clicks to save changes, to remove the accounting code, or to return to previous page/cancel changes. 13.4 Batch Process The purpose of running the batch process is to generate 2 files Raw Data file: all audit information WebTA file: file that will be uploaded to webTA for payroll A file summary will include the amount of timesheets that are in each status. Keep in mind that only Certified timesheets will be accepted in webTA. Also, only valid accounting data (project code/task code) will be accepted into webTA, so user should be sure those are acceptable. Figure 53. File Summary NOAA Official Use Only 35

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