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West Newsmagazine 2-14-18

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4 I OPINION I February 14, 2018 WEST NEWSMAGAZINE LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Regarding ‘Looking forward in Wildwood’ To the Editor: This is in response to the letter [“Responding to ‘Looking forward in Wildwood’”] in your last issue from my opponent, Niles Stephens, a candidate in the April 3 election for Wildwood City Council – Ward 8. First, I think he should not be using this magazine’s ‘Letter to the Editor’ as a forum to grandstand for negativity to all of West County. Second, it is always best to know and reference the documented facts of any issue. Let us see where my opponent meets and misses the mark based on facts. He is correct in stating that this past year saw a lot of “needless drama” and “dysfunction” at city hall. What he doesn’t tell you is the identity of the small group of individuals who caused it, their political motivations in doing so and their current support of his candidacy. Curiously, they are not residents of Ward 8. By initiating the “special investigation” his letter references, along with others against several elected leaders, his group needlessly cost Wildwood residents thousands of taxpayer dollars. So much for supporting his desire for fiscal responsibility as the inquiries led nowhere because they were found to be without merit. Unlike my opponent, who has never served our city in any capacity, I have represented the residents of Ward 8 and Wildwood on the Charter Review Commission and currently am serving on the Parks Action Plan Update Committee. In these roles, I have gained significant knowledge of our city’s guiding documents. I also have seen firsthand the negative and destructive tactics taken by those supporting Mr. Stephens and now being repeated by him. While I agree with my opponent in desiring a vibrant Town Center, I refute all of his allegations including “adding of more money” and “consolidation of power” by anyone as part of the charter review process [I was there], just as there was no “backroom deal” by the city as to the proposed velodrome. Once again, these allegations are completely false. In fact, one of the proposed charter amendments actually restricts the consolidation of power. As all of the residents of Ward 8, from Crown Pointe Estates across to Westridge Oaks, already know, the proposed charter amendments only can be approved by the voters in April, not mandated by a committee – an important fact anyone running for office should have known. In conclusion, I invite my opponent to join me in focusing on what’s best for Ward 8 residents using facts rather than falsehoods, negativity and destructiveness. Rob Meinert Concealed carry reciprocity To the Editor: This letter is prompted by recent letters to the editor regarding Rep. Ann Wagner’s failure to vote in the best interest of District 2 residents, specifically regarding “Tax relief for American families,” West Newsmagazine, Dec. 20, 2017, and “Helping impoverished children,” West Newsmagazine, Jan. 10, 2018. Another example of how Ms. Wagner has failed us was to co-sponsor and vote in favor of the NRA’s No. 1 priority, Concealed Carry Reciprocity [CCR]. If CCR becomes law, each state would be forced to accept the concealed carry permitting standards of every other state. CCR has been condemned by law enforcement leaders in 14 states. In a public letter to Congress [found as the Giffords-LE-Coalition-CCR-letter.pdf on], these leaders note that CCR “…would allow people who have a permit issued by any state … the authority to carry loaded, concealed handguns in any state regardless of the fact that they might not meet local public safety standards.” In another public letter [found on ag.ny. gov], 17 state attorneys general also oppose CCR as an “…ill-conceived bill(s) that would override local public safety decisions and endanger our communities and law enforcement officers.” I have firsthand information that Ms. Wagner is aware of the wishes of some of her constituents. I am a volunteer with Moms Demand Action for Gunsense in America. I, and three other constituents, visited Ms. Wagner’s Ballwin office in August 2017 with postcards signed by 600 District 2 residents opposing CCR. In spite of our entreaties to keep us safe, Ms. Wagner voted in favor of CCR on Dec. 17, 2017. How many more examples does one need to know that Ms. Wagner’s behavior is not consistent with the safety nor wishes of her constituents? Mary Gross CORRECTION: In “On the ballot: April 3,” Feb. 7, Chesterfield Ward 4 incumbent Tom DeCampi’s name was misspelled. West Newsmagazine regrets the error. Want to express your opinion? Submit your letter to: • 636.591.0010 Founder Publisher General Manager Managing Editor Associate Editor Features Editor Proof Reader Business Manager Graphic Designer Graphic Designer Graphic Layout Tech Advisor/ Website Admin. 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