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Refuge House Magazine Draft


GREETINGS FROM BISHOP CURTIS SINCLAIR AND PASTOR CAROLINE SINCLAIR On behalf of the Refuge House of Praise family, we want to extend a special welcome to all of you who have come to celebrate with us and to give God thanks for our 5th church anniversary. We have chosen the theme “WE’VE COME THIS FAR BY FAITH” as it reflects the fact that this ministry would not have been possible without the will and grace of God. There have been many “storms” along the way and at times it would seem we won’t make it, but we have been reassured and strengthened by God’s Word and His promises to us in regards to this ministry. Our attitude has been like that of the apostle Paul who, having received a visitation from the Lord that no life would be loss despite the very desperate stormy conditions at sea, instructed the people on board to “TAKE HEART, FOR I BELIEVE GOD” (Acts 27:25). Acknowledgements go out to our guests speakers Bishop Dr. John Alexander and Bishop Dr. Aubrey Brown, along with our state office representative Bishop Earl Cushman. To our Refuge family, the Christmas community and to our partners in ministry, thank you for your support over the last five years. The journey continues, there’s still much work to be done along with obstacles to overcome, but overcome we will, as we continue to believe God.

Message from Bishop Keith L. Ivester, Administrative Bishop for Church of God Florida State Office Congratulations to the Refuge House of Praise on your 5th anniversary! You are to be commended on sharing the Good News to your community and beyond. I am so thankful for what God is doing and continuing to do at your church. I pray God's blessings on you, Reverend Curtis and Caroline Sinclair, and every member that God will pour out His Spirit and blessings as you continue to work for the Kingdom. Kingdom blessings, Keith L. Ivester Administrative Bishop

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