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DUGENA Orderbook 2018 English


THE HISTORY OF OUR BRAND ...a Tradition of Quality since 1917 In 1917, emerging from the German general representative body of the Swiss Union Horlogère, and under the leadership of Wilhelm Ulrich and the brothers Emil and Richard Rothmann, experienced watchmakers and watch retailers came together to form the Deutsche Uhrmacher-Genossenschaft Alpina (DUGENA). The goal: The sale of high-quality watches at a moderate price. The models “Tresor” and “Festa” paved the way for the cooperative to develop and flourish. Following the Second World War, the company was the first brand in the new Federal Republic of Germany to use uniform advertising and shop window designs for its retailers. DUGENA developed into a synonym for reliable and modern quality watches with a particularly good price-performance ratio. With a clear philosophy and extensive market presence with over 2,000 watch stores, DUGENA advanced to become the most successful German watch brand in the 1960s and 1970s. As a consequence of the economic crisis in the 1970s, DUGENA initially became a subsidiary of Christ Uhren und Schmuck GmbH, then later becoming the core of EGANA Deutschland GmbH, which continued to operate DUGENA as an independent brand. Following the dissolving of EGANA in 2009, the operation of DUGENA was then continued by a group of private entrepreneurial families, who continue to direct the fortunes of DUGENA together with a motivated team of watchmakers. As a watch brand with a long history and tradition, Dugena stills sees itself obligated today to adhere with the same values as 100 years previously: Quality and convincing design at a good price. 06 I TRADITIONAL CLASSIC

TRADITIONAL CLASSIC TRADITIONAL CLASSIC Classic watches follow the tradition of best watchmaking and are the perfect companion for all situations in life. Their understated, light elegance ennobles every outfit with a touch of seriousness. For people who love to preserve their good style. TRADITIONAL CLASSIC offers new and established products. Watches for the upscale style are reflected in our Premium Quartz series. They unite with our lower price-range series and represent a range of high-quality watches. TRADITIONAL CLASSIC I 07

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Download a manual for this watch - Christopher Ward
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