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Smart Industry 1/2018

Smart Industry 1/2018 - The IoT Business Magazine - powered by Avnet Silica

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contents Imprint CONTENTs 03 Editorial 04 Contents/Imprint 06 Smart People Smart Business 12 Self-Driving Cars: Getting There 17 Interview: The Ethics Behind Autonomous Vehicles 18 Smart Roads: Paving The Way 22 Toll Systems: What Price The Road? 26 Interview: Kevin Ashton, The “Inventor Of Iot” 28 Legacy Systems: Smarter Than You Think 32 Arun Jain: The Bigger Picture 34 Smart Companies: Some Of The Best And Brightest In The Iot Marketplace Smart Communications 38 An Iot Snapshot Of Europe 44 Industrial Iot Security: Why And How? 46 Ar And Vr In Manufacturing: A New Look 50 Interface Design: The Voices Of Iot Smart Lifestyle 54 Robot 2020: Join The Conversation 58 Urban Transport: Internet Of Bikes 62 Agriculture: Betting The Farm On Iot 66 Smart Airports: Taking Off 70 Embedded Computing: The Next Wave Of Smart Things 12 Title story: What’s driving self-driving cars? Autonomous cars, trucks, and taxis are arriving much faster than anyone expected but are we ready for them? What roads will they drive on? And what happens if a self-driving car is forced to make a snap life-or-death decision? Smart Solutions 72 The Future Of Construction: Catching Up 76 Smart Socks 78 Bernd Schöne: Einstein’s Nightmare 80 Industrial Data Space: In Iot We Trust 84 Smart Factories: Beyond The Iot Hype 88 Philippe Fremont: Connecting Iot To Business 90 Smart Products 94 Dashboard Design: Deciding Factors 96 News 98 Gerd Leonhard: Taming The Beast 38 An IoT snapshot of Europe The Internet of Things is reshaping the world. Just how well is Europe prepared and which countries are best positioned to reap the benefits? 4

72 Construction is finally catching up In many ways the building industry hasn’t changed much since the days of the pyramids but now digitization and IoT are set to transform construction companies from the ground up 54 Robots are joining the conversation Robots ain’t what they used to be: instead of humanoids, the next generation of robots will look more like a can of sardines. Will we talk to them – almost constantly? IMPrint Publisher Avnet Silica (Avnet EMG GmbH), Gruberstrasse 60d, 85586 Poing, Germany Production & Project Management RSP Management GmbH, Hohenbrunner Weg 41B, 82024 Taufkirchen, pmc active GmbH, Bretonischer Ring 10, 85630 Grasbrunn Tel. +49 (0)89 45 45 577 28, Fax +49 (0)89 45 45 577 0 Project Manager Richard Spitz Editor-in-chief Tim Cole Art Director Sara DAuria,, Harald Sayffaerth, Contributors Kelly Allen, Anton Baturan, Rainer Claaßen, Eric Doyle, Alan Earls, Gordon Feller, Steve Hanna, Arun Jain, John Jones, Gerhard Kafka, Jason Kay, Gerd Leonard, Mark McCoy, Michele Scarlatella, Bernd Schöne, Simon Torrance, Marcel Weiss Pictures Shutterstock, fotolia Production Manager Stephan Quinkertz Printing Westermann Managing Director Alan Markovic, Albert Petryszyn, Stephan Quinkertz, Richard Spitz © 2017 pmc active GmbH & RSP Management GmbH Complete Edge Storage Solutions for IoT & Industrial Applications Smart Features: n Health Status Register n Host Lock n Programmable String n Secured FFU n Auto and Manual Read Refresh* Contact Us: