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Annual report and accounts 2016

74 Report of the

74 Report of the Nominations Committee continued The appointment of Marc Bolland and Emilio Saracho 1 2 3 4 5 Search initiated in accordance with Board succession plans Skills and business experience priorities and required attributes discussed and agreed Executive Search Firm engaged to assist with the search (refinement of search specifications) First long-list of potential candidates considered Second long-list of candidates reviewed and shared with the Board 6 7 8 9 10 Short-list agreed Interviews completed Second vacancy identified and process broaden to cover both positions Nominations Committee considered final candidates and made recommendation to the Board Appointment announced by the Board, and published report on the proposed appointments for submission to the Shareholders’ Meeting Appointments approved by the Shareholders’ Meeting Induction of directors The induction programme for new directors was reviewed in line with the feedback received from directors and specifically arranged according to the needs of the two non-executive directors appointed this year. This is described in more detailed on page 63. Succession planning As already stated, the Nominations Committee continued to review and refresh non-executive director succession planning. This year the Committee postponed its full review of succession plans in order to benefit from the conclusions of the external Board performance evaluation that was completed in September. In accordance with this, the Committee reviewed the skills matrix, as well as the likely pattern of Board retirements over the coming years, and agreed on future priorities. The Committee also continued to review and assess the succession arrangements for executive directors, and for key executive positions at IAG and at the operating companies. Building on the work completed in 2015 in identifying potential candidates for each role, during 2016, much of the work focused on the assessment of the potential candidates identified and the discussion of individual development. During 2017, management will continue with this exercise and will also pay special attention to diversity mix considerations. Annual evaluation of performance The Committee reviews directors’ performance and independence as part of the Committee’s assessment of their eligibility for re-election. The performance, commitment, ability and availability of each of the non-executive directors were reviewed and discussed with them privately by the Chairman. The results were shared with the Nominations Committee and the Committee recommended each director standing for reelection at the 2016 Shareholders’ Meeting to be re-elected. An evaluation of the Committee’s performance was completed as part of the external evaluation process carried out in 2016. The Committee was found to be operating effectively. The Committee’s objectives for 2017 are described within the Board performance evaluation information on page 64. Board diversity The Nominations Committee reviewed the new Directors Selection and Diversity Policy which was submitted for Board approval on January 28, 2016. This policy is available on the Company’s website. There are currently three female directors on the Board, representing 25 per cent of the Board positions, and one of them chairs one of the Board committees. Under the new Directors Selection and Diversity Policy, the female representation target has been increased this year to 33 per cent by the end of 2020 in line with the recommendations of the final report of the Women on Boards Davies review published in the United Kingdom. It is the Nominations Committee’s intention to reconcile the achievement of this objective with preserving the general diversity and merit based appointment principles established in IAG’s policy. Further details on diversity, can be found on page 61 of this Corporate Governance section and on page 49 of the Sustainability section. INTERNATIONAL AIRLINES GROUP INTERNATIONAL Annual Report and AIRLINES Accounts GROUP 2016 Annual Report and Accounts 2016

75 Report of the Safety Committee Dear Shareholder I am pleased to present the Safety Committee’s Report for 2016. As a Committee, we have continued with our regular activities, monitoring all matters relating to the operational safety of IAG’s airline companies, as well as to the systems and resources dedicated to safety activities across the Group. As I have mentioned in previous reports, from my perspective, and beyond the oversight of safety matters, the work of this Committee is particularly relevant as a tool for the exchange of best practices, knowledge and experience between the airline companies within the Group. This necessarily implies a need to develop common reporting metrics and methodologies, where I have seen important progress made this year. During 2016, we said goodbye to an important member of this Committee, Sir Martin Broughton, as he retired from the Board. Following this departure, we were pleased to welcome Marc Bolland to the Committee in June. We used this opportunity to arrange a specific induction session on safety and security matters, which was extended to other non-executive directors. This was completed in July with the valued support of the British Airways safety and security team. Willie Walsh Safety Committee Chairman The Safety Committee The Committee composition, competencies and operating rules are regulated by article 32 of the Board Regulations. The Committee is made up of no fewer than three and no more than five directors appointed by the Board, with the dedication, capacity and experience necessary to carry out their function. In addition to Committee members, senior managers with responsibility for safety matters are invited to attend and report at Committee meetings as and when required. During 2016, the British Airways Director of Safety and Security, representatives of the Iberia and Vueling safety teams and the Aer Lingus Corporate Safety & Risk Manager attended meetings. Committee members Date of appointment Willie Walsh (Chair) October 19, 2010 Antonio Vázquez October, 19 2010 Marc Bolland June 16, 2016 Kieran Poynter October 19, 2010 The Committee’s responsibilities Responsibility for safety matters belongs to the Group’s airlines. IAG, through its Safety Committee, has an overall view of each airline’s safety performance and of any important issues that may affect the industry. The Committee also has visibility on the Group’s airlines resources and procedures. Responsibility for performing detailed and technical assessments remains with each airline, overseen by their respective safety committees. The Committee’s duties include: to receive significant safety information about IAG’s subsidiaries, franchise, codeshare or wet-lease providers used by any member of the Group; to exercise a high-level overview of safety activities and resources; to inform the Board as appropriate; to follow up on any safety-related matters as determined by the Board; and to carry out any other safety-related functions assigned by the Board. Attendance The Committee’s activities during the year During 2016, the Committee held two meetings. These were attended by all Committee members that were eligible to attend. Key topics discussed included the relevant safety events that occurred during the relevant period, regulatory developments and initiatives from industry associations, along with the regular safety review reports of Aer Lingus, British Airways, Iberia and Vueling. During the year the Committee received specific and separate presentations on aircraft cyber security, with support from Boeing, and on remote piloted air systems. Strategic Report Corporate Governance Financial Statements Additional Information

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