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Addiction Free


14 —HELPFUL BOOKS— Information is liberating and knowledge is empowering. Here are some books which can provide you with important information and inspiration to become free of addiction. Straight Talk About Drinking: Teenagers Speak Out Wayne Coffey, Dutton Publishers, 1988. Coping With Drug Abuse Gabrielle I. Edwards, Rosen Publishing Group, 1991. Sober For Good Anne M. Fletcher, Houghton Mifflin, 2001. Getting Started in AA B. Hamilton, Hazeldon Publishers, 1995. Addiction Free: How to Help An Alcoholic or Addict Get Started on Recovery Gene Hawes and Anderson Hawes, St. Martin’s Press, 2001. Sex, Drugs, Gambling & Chocolate: A Workbook For Overcoming Addictions Thomas A. Horvath, Impact Publishers, 1998. Take Control Now! Mark Kern, PhD. Addiction Alternatives, 1994. Coping With Substance Abuse Rhoda McFarland, Rosen Publishing Group, 1990. Straight Talk About Drugs and Alcohol Elizabeth A. Ryan, Facts on File Publishers, 1995.

Other titles available in the Peacefinder book series: You Can Stop Smoking Addiction Free Ten Ways to Improve Your Marriage A Dozen Ways to Defeat Loneliness Hope in Times of Trouble Money Management Stress Management Survival Tips for Single Parenting Successful Parenting Living with Loss The Healing of Sorrow Life After Death Medical Miracle Gentle Ways to Ease Depression To order additional titles, visit our online bookstore at or call 1-800-728-6872.

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