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IN MEMORIUM Gone but not

IN MEMORIUM Gone but not forgotten.... Bro Alvin Campbell Bro Alvin was a man who was passionate about his salvation and the things pertaining to the Kingdom of God. He and his spouse Yvonne Campbell were excited about the ministry from day one and quickly endeared themselves to the church family. Bro Alvin was very instrumental in the ministry and served in the capacities of Sunday school teacher, a member on the Men’s ministry board and the evangelism team. He worked tirelessly on the maintenance of the church building and was an excellent caterer for church events. Bro Alvin was a true servant of Jesus Christ who used his talents well to serve the ministry wherever he went. His zeal and love for the Lord was something to greatly admire in him. Rest in Peace Bro Alvin. A founding member of Refuge House of Praise along with his wife Uritt, Rev Christie supported Pastor and family from the outset when the idea of launching the ministry was first proposed to him. He supported the ministry from 2013 to 2015 when they Lord called him home. Rev Christie served the ministry with excellence, taught Bible studies, Sunday school and was committed to all aspects of church life generally. He strived in equipping himself in study and up until his passing was still pursuing biblical studies. He had a servant heart and so in addition to spiritual matters also dedicated himself to the up keep of the church property. Rev Christie dedicated his time, talent and treasure to the Kingdom of God. He is dearly missed and will always hold a special place in the hearts of the Refuge House of Praise family. Rest in peace Rev Christie. Rev Owen Christie

Special Acknowledgements Planning Committee Bishop Curtis Sinclair Rev. Caroline Sinclair Rev David Nelson Sis Shana Simpson Sis Emma Laurencin Sis Keisha Weller-Smith—Magazine Sis Tamikia Pommells-Public Relation/magazine Sis Matthew Smith-photography Sis Cathrina Wilson-music Sis Sherryfa Edwards—slide show Sis Briana Bhoj – Social Media

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