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MISSION STATEMENT Refuge House of Praise is committed to being a caring community that is reaching people and connecting them to Christ. Time of service Sunday School - 9:45am - 10:45am Sunday - Worship - 11am - 1pm Wednesday - Prayer Meeting/Bible Studies - 7:00pm - 8:30pm Youth Meeting - 6:300pm - 8:00pm

HISTORY OF REFUGE HOUSE OF PRAISE Refuge House of Praise was born out of a life dedicated to God and serving others for over 30 years, beginning in Jamaica, via England and finally here in the United States. Bishop Sinclair was inspired by his spiritual leaders and mentors Hubert and Mary Maxwell who pioneered several churches, including the one in which Bishop Sinclair first came to know the Lord as his personal Savior in 1983. He admired their dedication to the Lord, their love for people, their willingness to serve and their exemplary attitude God’s work. Huge credit is owed to them for recognizing the call of God on Bishop Sinclair’s life. They took him under their wings as their own son, nurtured him, gave him the opportunities to get exposure to church life, and supported him 100% when he decided to attend Bible College to be trained and equipped for ministry. When the time was right, they even approved his request to marry one of their daughters – Caroline. Twenty five years later, on Sunday January 6, 2013, Bishop Sinclair along with his wife Pastor Caroline, three children and four other members launched Refuge House of Praise Church of God. They began in the Best Western Hotel on East Colonial Dr in Orlando but two months earlier had started the process of acquiring an empty church property in Christmas Florida. Bishop Sinclair and Pastor Caroline believed firmly in what God had placed in their hearts to do so they were willing to put up their own money and with support from family and friends they were able to secure the property. On Sunday March 17, 2013 the church was relocated to its current location at 20875 East Colonial Dr in Christmas Florida. Refuge House of Praise is “Committed to being a caring community that is reaching people and connecting them to Christ”. The vision of the church is to have a holistic approach to ministry that reaches the people at their point of need both within the church and the wider community. By showing that the church cares people will respond more favorably to our efforts to engage and connect them to the life of the church and to the Lord. With this in mind, as the church has experienced growth various departments have been established including Evangelism and Outreach, Women ministry, Men’s ministry, Youth ministry, Sunday School and Dance ministry. These ministries help to identify the needs of the believers in the church so that through teaching, training and opportunity, they can be equipped and empowered to utilize their gifts and abilities to serve in the Kingdom. Five years! It’s seems hard to believe sometimes. God is good and He has been faithful. To God be the glory for what He has done so far and particularly the lives He has impacted through this ministry. Bishop Sinclair and Pastor Caroline are committed, as the first day they started, to the vision for this ministry. With the support of the church council, ministers and the faithful church family, they are excited about the future. GOD has spoken and The Refuge Family says – AMEN!

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