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Solar Home Space Heating

We can see a huge

We can see a huge popularity of solar home space heating among the property owners in Northern USA, Europe and Canada. The solar home heating system has a high efficiency in smoothly operating at higher temperatures, as this system uses vacuum tubes. The vacuum tubes or solar evacuated tubes have the ability to perform in low light conditions and extreme temperatures like minus 35 degrees. It is believed that a homeowner can save up to 50 percent of their heating bill by integrating solar thermal with an existing heating system like the radiator or forced air heat. What is it’s basic principle?The basic principle of a solar home space heating system is to capture the sun’s energy using the solar evacuated tube collectors. This helps the system to transfer the energy to a storage tank or concrete pad (which is used in the floor heating). The stored heat integrates with the existing other heating systems, which supplements the heat supply.

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