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JP Newsletter Mar 2018 Landscape

Volume 23 Issue 1

Volume 23 Issue 1 March 2018 Dates for your Diary AGM 14th March 7.30pm in the Studio Theatre Silver Lining Sandi Toksvig, directed by Penny Grant 16th to 20th April , Union Musical, Gata Murder Mystery Dinner 25th May Summer Dinner Show - Poor Yorick Written and Directed by Phil Mansell Read-through March 7th 7.30pm Auditions Sunday 11th March Performances 2nd to 7th July Casa de Cultura and Bar Imperial Rough Justice Terence Frisby, dir. by Lindsay Johnson Read-through; March 18th Auditions April 22nd 26th November to 1st December Studio Theatre My Fair Lady By Alan J Lerner and Frederick Loewe directed by Cherry Cabban Read-through May 6th Auditions May 11th and 12th Performances 25th to 30th March 2019 Unión Musical, Gata looking to cast this before the summer. There are also other activities to look forward to. Jackie’s Sing-alongs, Mike Martin’s acting workshops and a busy Social programme being planned by our Social Secretary, Lesley. Thank you, all of you! Finally, please don’t forget our AGM, scheduled for March 14th. This is where you, our Members do get the chance to get involved in the running of our Society and have your say! The more that Members get involved, the better our Society becomes, so I look forward to welcoming as many of you as possible to that meeting. Are There More of You? Alison Skilbeck’s one-woman show played to packed houses at the Studio Theatre from January 22nd to 27th. Alison is such a consummate actress, she inhabits the four characters she created, with a wonderfully expressive face and such changes in tone, inflection and accent, as we meet the women at a turning point in their lives or the lives of those with whom they are in contact with. On a bare stage of black drapes, there is just a chair and a coat/hat stand, with the minimum of props or costumes needed to ring in the subtle changes of desperation, borderline depression and a wonderful resilience that is in no way unrealistic. There was flesh and blood, anger, resignation and retaliation. First up, we met Claire, a posh Ambassador's wife who has been cut adrift with a civilised dismissal as her husband is moving in with a documentary maker, described as dressed in pockets and hiking boots. Claire seeks a new life hidden away almost in an 2

Volume 23 Issue 1 March 2018 attic, but pursuing a life-changing interest as an artist in paint oils and blood. Then by donning a white apron, she becomes Sophia, a talkative Italian cafe owner, who has moved upmarket to a trattoria setting, same food, same stale deserts and she feels guilty for wishing her mother dead. This Mammy Mia is unseen, but many in the audience knew her. Sara a more fey creature, a spirit weaver who can unravel a psychological problem like a reiki healer with a motion of her hands. Alison Skilbeck fascinated me or rather her hands did as she wove, broke and reconnected a psyche. From a warm feeling of love and tenderness, like she was making love, she changed on a beat with a chilling rejoinder and a sharp steely snap of revenge. In a clever final story we meet a brash woman in a man's world, who makes human mistakes and compensates with a business-like brisk efficiency. Sam (note the ambiguous name) is at a crossroads too, and she meets a character from a previous vignette. I was caught up in the 'weave' of these stories and the wonderful way Skilbeck knotted and unravelled people's lives. This was spellbinding theatre, and theatre at its very best. Such nights at the theatre are rare but all the more welcome. Studio Keys If you have any JP keys that you do not need any longer please contact our Studio Manager, Pat Kitching, on We have a number of new committee members and new hirers of the Studio and are having to get new keys cut unnecessarily. Your help would be appreciated. 3

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