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JP Newsletter Mar 2018 Landscape

Volume 23 Issue 1

Volume 23 Issue 1 March 2018 Rough Justice 26th November to 1st December 2018 James Highwood, a television commentator who hosts a widely-watched programme called British Justice? is on trial for the murder of his severely disabled child. Despite pleas from his solicitor, Jeremy Ackroyd, he insists on conducting his own defence, admitting responsibility but pleading manslaughter. His arguments fuel conflict with the prosecutor, Margaret Casely QC, a well-known Catholic and pro-lifer, and his claims that the jury alone is responsible for the verdict create further conflict with the Judge. There are 8 speaking parts, 5 male and 3 female, or 4 male and 4 female, which comprise the defendant, his wife, his solicitor, the Judge, the prosecutor, and 3 smaller parts for witnesses. There is also a non-speaking part of court usher. Parts offer a huge opportunity for emotional range and control as some scenes are highly emotionally charged. The action in this gripping court room drama moves between the courtroom and prison cell. Philip McCloy has already been working hard on the set design, together with Hugh Epsom. Creating a courtroom that seamlessly transforms into a cell and back again, is a key challenge that they have both got their teeth into. In a break with the tradition of recent years, the 2018 autumn production will be in the Jávea Players Studio. It will be staged with the audience seated on 3 sides, including the stage, and the acting area in the middle of the floor, similar to our hugely successful 2017 Spring production of Sandcastles. A read through of the play is on Sunday 18th March 2018 followed by lunch. Auditions will be in the week beginning 22 April. I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible then. Lindsay Johnson 6

Volume 23 Issue 1 March 2018 My Fair Lady March 25th to 30th 2019 I am sure many of our our long-standing members will remember the fun we had in the 1990s producing musicals in the capable hands of Kay Birch. Since she died we have not had enough members interested in producing a musical. But, in the last couple of years, all that has changed and we have many members who are not only interested but have considerable experience. In the last six months there have been long discussions about which musical? Where shall we perform, the costs involved and do we really have enough people? I am delighted to tell you that Tams Witmark in the USA have granted us the performing rights for My Fair Lady. The Committee has given it its blessing, I will be directing it and Aileen Lightfoot will be our Musical Director, with Heather Butcher, who used to play for Kay’s productions, as one of our rehearsal pianists. Tanya Bultje will be the other. Everyone knows My Fair Lady so I won’t tell you about the plot, but we will need a big production team, so if you think you would like to be involved please contact me. As the rehearsal period will be longer than normal, we will split it so that music rehearsals will be held on Friday evenings starting in September 2018 and the drama rehearsals will start in January 2019 with both music and drama coming together in mid-January. The read-through will be on Sunday May 6th, followed by lunch. Auditions for Principal singers and major acting parts will be on Friday May 11th. Auditions for Chorus and other acting parts will be on Saturday May 12th in the afternoon. Whoever is cast as Higgins and Eliza will need to be at this audition as well. Please contact me on if you would like further information, If you would like to chat about the production call me on 636 798 109 or even more important if you are volunteering to help, please email me. Cherry. 7

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