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RESISTANCE TO DEFORMATION AND STRENGTH Composite Manhole Covers Fiber flex designed the composite manhole covers mainly due to the numerous benefits of composite covers over the heavier alternatives (namely steel and concrete) as well as the metal theft epidemic. The composite covers have no scrap or resale value making them unattractive to thieves. Fiber flexes composite manhole covers and frames comply with the EN 124 standard. The EN 124 standard was published in 1994 and was essentially a standard for cast iron manhole covers that took little account of other materials such as composites. The inherent properties of composite materials make them ideal for the manhole environment. The EN 124 standard is currently in review and the essential characteristics for the standard. Fiber flex has been at the forefront in incorporating these characteristics into the design of the composite covers. The Fiber flex composite manhole covers are manufactured locally using a technologically advanced composite manufacturing process to create a highly engineered, incredibly strong composite product. The composite covers are available in a range of sizes and load ratings. Key benefits offered by Fiber flex composite manhole covers over their steel and concrete counterparts cover an array of technological advances and cost savings including higher quality, improved safety, greater longevity, lower life cycle costs (LCC) and a greatly reduced risk of theft. Due to the light weight of the composite covers there is no need for cranes and other heavy-lifting equipment. Unlike cast iron and steel manhole covers, the composite covers are non-corrosive and non-conductive. The composite covers have a unique skid resistant surface and will not spin-out, making it safe for road use purposes and designed as a “fit and forget” product for civil engineering applications. Unlike concrete manhole covers, the composite covers will not crumble or crack. 15

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY CO2 emissions during the manufacturing and installation of FIBER FLEX have been tested, allowing us to be certified incompliance with ISO. There are two key features supporting manhole covers in composite material compared to cast iron: > > lower energy consumption thanks to the temperature for the manufacture (70° for FIBER FLEX manhole cover compared with 1200° for cast iron manhole cover). lower transport impact thanks to the reduced weight (it is possible to load a quantity of FIBER FLEX manhole covers three times higher than cast iron manhole covers). MAJOR CLIENTS 16

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