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Gentle Ways To Overcome Depression

10 6 Celebrate Rather

10 6 Celebrate Rather than Isolate When we are depressed and hurting emotionally, the natural tendency is to withdraw, retreat and isolate ourselves. However, a wiser course of action is to seek out increasing social opportunities and the solaces which friends can bring. Even though this is difficult when feeling depressed, choose to celebrate life rather than isolate yourself. Fight the urge to be alone. Selfimposed isolation only accentuates depression. Recently, a man wrote advice columnist Dear Abby saying he had retired to a new community and experienced depression, which has now caused him to regret the move. Other readers of the column responded to the man’s plight with one woman saying she and her husband recently relocated to Florida. “We don’t miss the snow and ice we left behind one bit. Yes, it’s hard to pick up and move to a new area where you know no one. The key is to get out there and meet as many new people as you can.” The writer explained that within three months of moving, she volunteered to be on the Welcoming Committee, which brought her in contact with many new members of the community. She also joined a volunteer group which provides used children’s clothing, blankets and sweaters for

11 Native Americans on reservations. In addition, she is secretary for her homeowners association. Her husband has also plunged into activities. “Busy? You bet,” she acknowledges. “We’re busier now than we were before we retired. We love it. I’ve met many interesting and dedicated people, and we have many new friends with whom to socialize, travel and spend time together.” 7 Volunteer to Help Others When researchers recently analyzed 37 studies on volunteering, they found that people who offered their time had a better sense of well-being, were happier with their lives, and were less likely to feel sad and anxious. “Helping others gives people an emotional bond, a chance to communicate, and a feeling of connection,” explains R. Murali Krishna, M.D., clinical professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at the University of Oklahoma. Reaching out to help someone else also is effective in taking the focus off your own problems, thereby providing some respite from the feelings of depression. 8 Develop Spiritual Resources “Many people find a great sense of satisfaction with life when they strengthen their