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The Healing Of Sorrow

10 over Serena’s desk.

10 over Serena’s desk. Tears were dropping onto her desk. Concerned for Serena, the student teacher knelt beside Serena to comfort her. To her astonishment, Serena’s tears were those of joy, not sadness as she exclaimed: “Look! Look at all my valentines! I never thought I would get even one. And look… I got six!” Like Serena, all of us need to accentuate the positive and modify the negative in order to experience many of life’s blessings. 7 Change Your Food to Improve Your Mood More and more studies are confirming a link between certain foods and our ability to feel more alert, calm, energetic and upbeat. “We’ve found that some foods influence the production of brain chemicals that are directly involved in determining our mood, mental energy, performance, and behavior,” says Judith Wurtman, a nutrition researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Another who maintains there is a link between food and mood is Deepak Chopra, MD., author of several best-selling books, including Boundless Energy. Dr. Chopra recommends

11 eating these foods which are especially rich in natural energy: • Fresh fruits and lightly cooked vegetables; • Wheat, rice, barley and other whole grains; • Non-meat sources of protein such as beans; • Honey as a substitute for refined sugar. Dr. Chopra also advises avoiding foods which deplete energy such as red meat, aged cheese, alcohol, coffee, smoked and canned foods. 8 Study, Learn, and Respond to Your Sorrow from Wisdom There are times when sorrow can alert and awaken us. “I’ve learned that sadness is God’s cue for me to do something or stop doing something,” writes Elizabeth, a Midwestern mother of three children. “Consequently, I’ve become a better host to sadness when it visits.” Her approach is a wise and informative one. Study your sorrow. Dissect it. Try to discover it’s source. Then, if there are issues in your life, which cause you this unhappiness, see what can be changed in order to bring you relief and prevent future occurrence. Remember that suffering can be a

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