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EMPORIO ARMANI Newness Linebook SP18


EMPORIO ARMANI + SPRING 2018 For spring, Emporio Armani updates several iconic platforms with new colorways–perfect for the season. Deep, rich colors like taupe, olive and gunmetal create a collection of watches that are both masculine and on trend. For the ladies, soft silhouettes, pastels and florals make up a collection that is sure to elevate her everyday look. Emporio Armani extends its hybrid smartwatch collection with the introduction of the new Gianni T-Bar Hybrid for ladies and new color extensions for men.

MARKETING STYLES SPRING 2018 SPRING/SUMMER SEASONAL CAMPAIGN 1/25-7/24 SPRING 1/25-4/24 TIER 1 MARKETING / AD STYLES: Primary marketing styles will be supported with still life assets which will be considered the main (first use) image to support the campaign. AR11118 AR11109 AR11105 AR11113 AR11116 AR11115 ART3017 HYBRID ART3021 HYBRID ART3019 HYBRID ART5005 TOUCHSCREEN TIER 2 AD STYLES: Secondary ad styles will be supported with product features and are meant to accompany the primary stories based on seasonal pulse moments. AR80016 RAMADAN AR80017 RAMADAN AR60006 MECCANICO AR60008 MECCANICO AR11121 SKYLINK EXCLUSIVE ART9003 HYBRID FATHER'S DAY PR STYLES: PR styles will likely include items from both primary and secondary groups shown here. Additional novelty, press-worthy styles will be communicated at a later date. AR11118 AR11109 AR11105 AR11114 AR11116 AR11115 ART3017 HYBRID ART3019 HYBRID ART5005 TOUCHSCREEN ART5005 HYBRID *Armani may choose to eliminate some styles during or after the photo shoot. Please plan marketing activities accordingly. NEWNESS LINEBOOK SPRING 2018 PAGE 5

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