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Laravel protected

Laravel protected $listen = [ 'App\Events\SomeEvent' => [ 'App\Listeners\EventListener', ], 'App\Events\StudentAdded' => [ 'App\Handlers\Events\HandleNewStudentAdded', ], ]; /** * Register any other events for your application. * * @param \Illuminate\Contracts\Events\Dispatcher $events * @return void */ public function boot(DispatcherContract $events) { parent::boot($events); } // } Step 11: Add the following lines in app/Http/routes.php. app/Http/routes.php Route::get('event','CreateStudentController@insertform'); Route::post('addstudent','CreateStudentController@insert'); Step 12: Visit the following URL to test the event. http://localhost:8000/event Step 13: After visiting the above URL, you will receive the following output: 120

Laravel Step 14: Add the name of student and click the “Add student” button which will redirect you to the below screen. Look at the line highlighted in gray color. We have added this line in our handle method of HandleNewStudentAdded class which indicates that statements are executed in handle method when an event is fired. 121

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