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Marvelous Designer 7 Tutorial Segment Darts by Camille Kleinman CGelves

Free Marvelous Designer 7 tutorial all about segment darts. Learn what are segment darts and how to create segment darts in Marvelous Designer 7. You'll also learn how to create segment darts in earlier versions of Marvelous Designer. This Marvelous Designer 7 tutorial is part of the free series of video tutorials and articles by Camille Kleinman from CG Elves. Marvelous Designer 7 has many new features including segment darts. To learn all about the Marvelous Designer 7 features, visit and watch the free Marvelous Designer 7 tutorials.

Marvelous Designer 7 Tutorial Segment Darts by Camille Kleinman

About the Marvelous Designer 7 segment dart tutorial by Camille Kleinman, CGelves Marvelous Designer Segment Darts Tutorial In Marvelous Designer 7, you can now quickly create segment darts on your patterns. What is Marvelous Designer? Marvelous Designer is a software program to create realistic, dynamic 3D clothing for 3D animations, 3D art, and VR worlds. Marvelous Designer clothes are made from clothing patterns. Just like in the real world, some Marvelous Designer garments are made with darts. What is a Marvelous Designer segment dart? A segment dart is a dart created around a segment point on a clothing pattern’s segment line (outer edge). The MD7 segment dart tool enables users to create darts around segment points. What are darts in general? Darts are used in the real-world to tighten certain parts of clothes, take in loose fabric, and create clothes tailored to the model’s body with a snug fit and an elegant dart sewing line. While you can often take in loose fabric in Marvelous Designer by simply modifying the clothing pattern’s shape, darts are still sometimes used in creating tailored 3D clothes. Is the Marvelous Designer segment darts feature useful? This new segment dart tool in Marvelous Designer 7 speeds up the dart creation process. Camille Kleinman at CG Elves made a tutorial on how to create segment darts in Marvelous Designer 7 as well as a tutorial how to achieve the same result using Marvelous Designer 6 (and earlier versions). In the free Marvelous Designer tutorial you’ll learn how to create segment points on a Marvelous Designer clothing pattern’s segment line, how to create segment points at a specific distance from each other, how to create a segment dart around a segment point Here is how to create segment darts in Marvelous Designer 7: [1] Use the Split Line/Add Point tool to create a segment point where you’d like your dart to be.

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