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Persona Tribes - “Rurbanites” who make and grow their own food, buy only what they can carry, do not trust industrial food and seek convivial, communal experiences. - “DIY Foodies” who want to meet the maker, understand artisanal skill-sets, are pro-amateurs, slow foodies who revive retro cooking, make-their-own preserves and drinks from harvests and share knowledge. - “New Gents” who look to the past for their food and drink experiences and are very interested in antiquated packaging, stories behind food, education in time-honored practices and “make do and mend”.

Team Founder. Humanistic technologist, traveler, gastronome, winelover, design evangelist. CTO. Developer, software engineer, IT specialist. Mobileaddicted adventurer. CFO. PhD in Finance. Economist. Fiscal, statistical, and businesssavvy strategist. COO. PhD in Microbiology. Born Taiwan, London-bred, seduced by Italy. Gabrielle Marco Nicola Mary

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