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Dried Pasilla Chili

Dried Pasilla Chili Flavor that boosts health Packaging Product Name: Pasilla Chili Place of Origin: Mixe region of the state of Oaxaca Ingredients: Dried pasilla chili Descripction: Chili originally from the Mixe region of the state of Oaxaca that is dried and smoked, with a dark and wrinkled skin. It is considered spicy, but occasionally inoffensive and somewhat sweet. Color: Dark red wine Form of consumption: It can be used to prepare sauces, marinades, stuffed chilies and mole sauce, as well as different beef, pork and chicken stews. Cultivation cycle: July - November Presentation: 100 g polypropylene bags or bulk polypropylene sack per kg. 12

Product Name: Pasilla Chili Ranch Sauce 250 g Prepared by: Procesadora de Productos Ecológicos S.C. de R.L. Ingredients: Pasilla chili, onion, garlic, toasted sesame seed, vinegar, salt and sesame oil. Descripction: Pasilla chili ranch sauce is made from pasilla chilies, sesame seed and oil, as well as other natural products without any preservatives. Benefits: Consumption of natural products is good for your health as they contain no preservatives. Form of consumption: You can enjoy this product with any type of food, and use it to prepare dressings and marinades to make rich beef, chicken, pork or seafood dishes. Production: All year round Presentation: Squeezable 250 g PET bottles; box with 24 pieces. Sauces and Relishes Flavor that boosts health Pasilla Chili Ranch Sauce 250g 13

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