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Location Calle 19 de

Location Calle 19 de marzo S/N, San José Magdalena Tequisistlán, state of Oaxaca, C.P. 70740 MEXICO. 4

Product Line Our primary product is Sesame Seed and Sesame Oil, both with Organic Certification. We obtain two types of Sesame Oil: Clear Sesame Oil and Dark Sesame Oil with organic certification, prepared to the highest quality. Sesame oil enables you to lead a better quality of life due to its important nutritional properties. Our Processor of Ecological Products Installed Capacity: Plant: 600 m2 footprint. Reasons for buying our produces Quality We apply strict standards to provide the consumer with products of certified quality. Benefits Ecological products are healthier as they are free from toxic substances and 100% organic. Strategic location The business is located on the Isthmus of Tehuantepec and is the only social company that utilizes this seed to produce organic products. Certifications We hold organic certification from Certimex. Production capacity: 104,000 liters of organic sesame oil annually. 5

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