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THE WILSON SISTERS Vicki, Kelly and Amanda Wilson For our horses to perform their best they need to be conditioned like champions. From our wild horses and World Cup show jumpers, to our young stock and World Champion, our horses success over the past 12 years is testament to the quality nutrition in CopRice feed. Vicki, Kelly and Amanda Wilson are prominent figures on the equestrian scene, having competed with success at the highest levels of show jumping for many years. Since 2012, the sisters have also become widely known for their work with New Zealand’s wild horses, the top rating television show ‘Keeping up with the Kaimanawas’, the documentary ‘Wind Easters’ (direct and filmed by Amanda). Coupled with Kelly’s two best selling novels ‘For the love of horses’ and ‘Stallion Challenges’ they have made Kaimanawas a household name in New Zealand. Since then they have continued to advocate for wild horses around the world, taming and raising awareness about the plight of the American Mustangs and Australian Brumbies. AUSTRALIAN MADE. FARMER OWNED.

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