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BENEFITS OF EXTRUDED FEED FOR EQUINE NUTRITION SUPERIOR STARCH DIGESTIBILITY Extrusion processing improves the digestibility of the feed, by increasing the speed at which enzymes break down (gelatinise) the starch linkages in ingredients. This allows for more complete digestion in a horse’s small intestine, which significantly reduces the feed fermented in the hindgut, where it can cause digestive upsets and serious health issues. in vitro starch digestion (% in 15mins) 100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 DIGESTIBILITY OF GRAINS Cracked Corn Cracked Barley Expanded Barley Cracked Oats Steam Rolled Triticale Extruded Corn Extruded Rice The in vitro digestibility’s for a range of grains assayed using the method of Bird etal.(1999). Extruded rice ranks as the most digestible grain in vitro, followed closelyby extruded corn and steam rolled triticale (McGilchrist unpublished). IMPROVED PROTEIN DIGESTIBILITY The extrusion process allows the enzymes that breakdown protein (proteases) to work more efficiently and therefore extract more protein from the feed for use by the horse. IMPROVED NUTRIENT AVAILABILITY The improved digestion of ingredients results in a greater availability of vitamins, minerals amino and fatty acids in the diet. These additional nutrients are particularly valuable to young growing horses where maximum nourishment is required, and for older horses which can often have reduced digestive efficiency meaning less nutrition is extracted from feed than is desirable for maintaining optimum health and well-being. IMPROVED SALIVA PRODUCTION Extruded feeds tend to have a lower bulk density than regular pellets, which results in more chewing and greater saliva production when eating. Saliva contains bicarbonate which buffers the digestive system and helps reduce the risk of digestive upsets such as ulcers. IMPROVED DENTAL CARE The aerated profile of extruded feeds, means are softer than many pellets. This helps with teeth maintenance by slowing down the rate of wear and tear. SUPERIOR PALATABILITY Extrusion processing gives the feed a sweet, nutty aroma that is highly attractive to horses. SUPERIOR FOOD SAFETY Extruded feeds are cooked at high temperature which kills bacteria thereby minimising the risk of digestive upsets. CopRice Performer CopRice Veteran CopRice Versatile CopRice High Joule NUTRITION THAT STACKS UP

DAVID CAMERON Professional Show Jumper I have been feeding my horses CopRice for over 8 years. The reason I feed CopRice is simple, my horses health and wellbeing is a priority and goes hand in hand with their performance. When feeding CopRice I know our horses are getting all their nutritional requirements, and I have seen the benefits of feeding rice based feeds so I will not switch to any other brand. AUSTRALIAN MADE. FARMER OWNED.

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