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VICKI WILSON & NAME OF HORSE Professional Show Jumper - tbc www.tba Additional copy required from Vicki focusing on High Joule AUSTRALIAN MADE. FARMER OWNED.

RICE HULLS IDEAL FOR STABLE BEDDING Coverage For best results, fill stable to a depth of approximately 15cm. For deep beds a depth of approximately 25cm is recommended. XXXX CopRice Rice Hull Bale 125kg GREAT INSULATION Rice hulls offer improved thermal insulation properties by allowing your horse to heat the air layers that exist within the hulls. The combination of the hulls and the heated air layers insulate your horse from cold floors. Rice hulls have the added benefit of being virtually fire proof. The non-combustible and non-smoldering nature of rice hulls make them a very safe alternative in Australian conditions. AVOID DAMPNESS Rice hulls will protect your horse from dampness because of its unique silica properties. Urine quickly dissipates from the rice hulls and damp, wet, smelly areas are virtually eliminated. The rice hulls will remain dry providing comfortable and healthy bedding. Any side effects from bacteria and mould caused by damp bedding is eliminated, makes rice hulls perfect for young horses or horses with compromised immune systems, such as sick horses or horses recovering from injury. COMFORT Rice hulls will mould to the shape of the horse providing a cushioning effect against any hard surfaces. This results in less foot and leg troubles and improved joint performance. The occurrence and severity of hock sores and other pressure sores is normally improved in horses bedded on rice hulls, making it the perfect bedding for performance horses, show horses and yearling preparation. INEDIBLE Rice hulls are not an attractive food source, and will not normally be eaten by the horse. Unlike alternative products, such as straw, which are often eaten by the horse or pony instead of being utilised as bedding. This makes rice hulls a great alternative for horses and ponies at risk of founder, laminitis or colic. INSECT RESISTANT Rice hulls remain insect free, improving your horse’s comfort and health. Rice hulls are non-allergenic, making them perfect for horses with sensitive skin or prone to skin irritations. ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY Rice hulls are a renewable resource that is processed without any chemical additives. No trees were destroyed in the production of this product. ALL NATURAL AND BIODEGRADABLE Rice hulls are an all natural product that can be used as a soil conditioner upon disposal. They are ideal for composting and improving soil structure and do not need to be ‘aged’ before adding to garden beds. ECONOMICAL Rice hulls require less frequent replacement to other alternatives due to it’s silica properties, making them a very affordable product. Once a stable has been filled, the amount of rice hulls required to ‘top up’ is normally minimal. Mucking out stables using rice hulls usually takes less time and produces less wasted bedding as the clean hulls slip through the rake back into the stable. AUSTRALIAN MADE. FARMER OWNED.

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