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Building Code Services Branch C DE RED Newsletter February 2018 Health & Safety Corner Fall Protection Training The Occupational Health and Safety Awareness and Training Regulation (O. Reg. 297/13) requires workers on construction projects to successfully complete an approved Working at Heights Training Program when travel restraint systems, fall restricting systems, fall arrest systems, safety nets and work belts or safety belts methods are employed- systems which Building Inspectors do not use. Working at Heights training is not required. For Inspectors, Basics of Fall Protection is the mandatory awareness training which covers various methods of fall protection as well as our legal obligations to recognize fall hazards, scenarios and to ensure the correct system is used. Please speak with your Program Manager should you wish to attend either course offered to the City of Ottawa employees, as an upgrade or a refresher. Technical Issues Building Code Services Technical Bulletins are stored on Ozone. Check back periodically as this repository is growing regularly at: Ozone > My Department > BCS > Building Code Work Tools > Bulletins Radon Protocol Issue: Decision: Implementation: Reference: A number of Ottawa area builders have chosen to adopt radon mitigation measures during the construction of a new home as a voluntary, proactive approach. The municipality can also direct the builder to address soil gas testing when a pre - occupancy radon test confirms levels in excess of 200 bq/m 3 . The Code requires builders to comply with one of two compliance paths outlined in SB-9. TARION warrants radon mitigation up to 7 years from the date of occupancy. The builder may install a soil gas barrier that complies with air barrier provisions or a subfloor depressurization system which may involve soil gas rough in, passive vent or complete sub-slab ventilation system. The inspector will inspect the work for compliance with these methods. A building permit is not required for radon mitigation construction on existing buildings. Where radon mitigation is undertaken voluntarily during construction, inspections are conducted prior to pouring the basement floor slab and prior to occupancy. 2012 OBC Div. B,, A radon protocol has been developed and can be accessed on the S drive in the following folder, S:\Building Code Services\Standards, Codes - CSA, ULC, NFPA, etc\Guides and Reference\Radon. The folder also contains reference documentation from Health Canada and the Environmental Protection Agency. Issue No. 3 - 2 - Building Code Services Branch

Building Code Services Branch C DE RED Newsletter February 2018 Self Supported Mid-Landings in Houses Issue: More and more stairs manufacturers are yielding to consumer’s desire for open concept design. Manufactured self supported mid-landings a.k.a. “cranked landings” are constructed as one single stairs structure without intermediate post supports. This is beyond a Part 9 design. Decision: This design must have P.Eng.’s approval. The stamped drawings may be submitted for Master Footprint or to the Inspector on site. Implementation: At the time of the framing inspection, inspector will review of the engineer’s stamped drawings to verify the installation for each project. Reference: 2012 OBC Div. B, Garage Floor Drain Issue: Different approaches to the inspection of the design and installation of the plumbing services in an attached garage’s floor drain needs a standard approach within the Branch. Decision: A residential garage floor drain inside a heated or unheated attached garage is permitted where the garage slab maintains an overall slope to direct the flow of liquids from the house end wall towards the garage overhead doors to the exterior. On serviced and unserviced lots, the preferred method is to direct the drainage to the house’s sanitary drainages system. Where septic capacity cannot be demonstrated dry well or surface drainage methods are acceptable. Implementation: The inspection shall consist of the following elements: garage floor slab’s overall downward slope to the exterior min. 3” ø drain pipe, trap, trap seal primer, cleanouts, and venting to comply with the OBC protection from freezing sand and grit interceptor must be accessible and serviceable Reference: 2012 OBC, Div. B– 9.14.5, 9.14.6, Issue No. 3 - 3 - Building Code Services Branch

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