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Building Code Services Branch C DE RED Newsletter February 2018 Operational Issues “Duty to Document” Going to Court without good notes neither inspire confidence nor boost your credibility. It can unnerve the most seasoned Building Official undergoing cross examination if faded memory is all that one is relying on, possibly jeopardize the outcome of the case, and propagate a false impression of incompetence. The value of “Notes, Good Notes and Lots of Them” can’t be understated. The point is to recognize that we are all Inspectors, whether in the course of Permit Approvals or Field Inspections, and that there is absolutely no predictability as to when you may need good notes, or which files will wind up in a Court action, either as a Prosecution, Defence of a Claim, or as an Witness. When documenting, remember to ask and answer the 5 “W” and “How” questions. The notes will be scrutinized by many so ensure they have FOCUS, CLARITY, CONCISENESS and RELEVANCE. Let your notes reflect your knowledge, experience and preparedness. Quick Hitters ESCAPE ROOMS are physical adventure games in which people are locked in a room with other participants, using elements of the room to solve a series of puzzles and clues to escape within a set time limit. Concerns regarding the construction of these rooms without permit, using prohibited type of construction, obstructing egress and exits as well as unlawful manipulation of the building’s alarm and detection devices have come to ours and Ottawa Fire Services’ attention. Please be aware that building of Escape Rooms must be carried out with Building Permit and inspected for code compliance. Since the first edition was launched about 15 years ago, there have been new Code requirements, new Building Officials brought on board, and risk management is as central to our business as ever – it is time for an overhaul. Helen and René are currently compiling information and will be recommending to the Inspections’ management team for the best way to redevelop the next edition. The objective is to create a new e-document that will be current, user friendly and drive toward greater consistent inspections practice across the city. Backflow Prevention Program Update Mandated by City Council resolution in 2008, the purpose of this program is to implement cross connection protection to safeguard the municipal drinking water supply. The 2017 amended Water By-law will require a large number of existing buildings to survey, test their backflow prevention devices and all buildings must register and subject to ongoing annual testing thereafter. Starting January 1, 2018, the program has entered operational rollout phase. Issue No. 3 - 4 - Building Code Services Branch

Building Code Services Branch C DE RED Newsletter February 2018 The Intern Diaries... A professional structural engineer must design and review the construction of a foundation and the procedure for excavation where the angle of repose* of the soil is critical. Shoring or other precautions may be necessary until the excavation and foundation stages are complete. Changes + Innovations SALUS Clementine, the first 4 storeys multiunit residential sustainable social housing project in Canada is under construction right here in Old Ottawa. The building targets Leed Platinum certification as well as Passive House certification. There are sure to be some innovative components and methods to be used that can be shared in future editions. According to CSV architect, Sonia Zouari: “this will be the largest cold climate passive house in the world.” (Ontario Construction Report, Jan. 8, 2016). Smith+Andersen are responsible for the design of the mechanical and electrical design and Teplan Contractors is the builder. Challenges: ‣ Thermal bridging through the envelope ‣ Low bearing capacity of site soils ‣ Limited access to the infill site ‣ SIPs attachment to structural frame and exterior cladding and below grade SIPS ‣ Use of innovative European building components Sources: 1. 2. Building Highlights: • Gross floor area 22,421 s.f. • Light steel frame with over 300mm continuous insulation using external SIPS, roof as well, attached over the building frame of 11-7/8” I-joists @ 24” o.c. Issue No. 3 - 5 - Building Code Services Branch

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