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2017 Report - Salvation Army Silicon Valley

Is There Community

Is There Community Support? Over 64,500 hours of volunteer time was gratefully provided locally last year. Silicon Valley Advisory Board Majors Roy & Paula Wild, Corps Officers/County Coordinators Keith Goodwin, Chair Eric Anderson, Immediate Past Chair Kathy Ames, Hank Bataille, Brandt Brereton, Rich Crowley, Bobby Greenberg, Ron Keffer, James Ma, Brandon Picone, Greg Von Gehr Life Members: David Down, John Housley, Earl Thompson Ex-Officio Officers: Lt. Colonels Tim & Cindy Foley, Captains Demetrio & Magda Villarreal, Captains Eric & Jasiel Tumale, Majors Peter & Ok Kim Adult Rehabilitation Center Advisory Council Majors John & Linnea Desplancke, Administrators Johnny Gogo, Council Chair Barry Bamford, Ed Chirco, David Down, Jeremy Jones, Jose Guzman, Bernie Leroy, Josie Leroy, Howard K. Loomis, Jr., Karl Lucas, Charles Luckhardt, Shannan Martinez, Brenda Meidima, Robyn McKeon Powers, Justin Powers, Bart Sloan, Dave Tindal, Lawrence Terry, Maggie Wilhelm, Mark Zamudio Ex-Officio Officer: Major Roy Wild Gilroy Corps Advisory Council Captains Demetrio & Magda Villarreal, Corps Officers Neil Beman, Rashmi Beman, Christine Flautt, Don Knapp, Lauren Leonarduzzi Sunnyvale Grace Korean Advisory Council Majors Peter & Ok Kim, Corps Officers Paul Tokar, Chair Robert Reid, Vice-Chair Sharon Kreider Barnes, Terry Cress, Phyllis Dorricott, Alice Fowler, Shirley Garner, Kim Hall, Ada Hau, Lea Hayden, Robert Reid, Paul Tokar, Richard Treakle Ex-Officio Officer: Major Roy Wild 2

What Services Do We Offer? Religious Services The Salvation Army Corps provide worship services and spiritual ministry throughout the week, which include music and praise ministries, as well as social service programs that reach out to those in need in their communities. Youth Services After school care, youth/community centers, sports leagues, music lessons, and camps that provide at risk children with academic, recreational, and enrichment activities. Senior Services Daily nutritional meal and activities such as outings, crafts, fellowship, education, and providing a safe place of community. Recovery Services Substance abuse recovery programs, counseling, spiritual care, life skills, and job readiness classes. Family Services Clothing, food, lodging, transportation, school supplies and seasonal assistance such as toys and holiday meals. Disaster Services Immediate and ongoing relief provided during wildfires, storms, earthquakes, and other natural or man-made disasters. Shelter Services Providing transitional housing, meals, and counseling. 3

2017 Report - Salvation Army Silicon Valley
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