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2017 Report - Salvation Army Silicon Valley

What Was Our Impact in

What Was Our Impact in 2017? Our programs touched people in need over a half million times during the past year. 503,854 MEALS/SNACKS PROVIDED 53,565 NIGHTS OF SHELTER 28,594 YOUTH GIFTS/ SCHOOL SUPPLIES 64,514 VOLUNTEER HOURS 110,143 SOCIAL SERVICES PROVIDED 1,598 YOUTH PROGRAM ATTENDEES 121,799 TOTAL PEOPLE SERVED 82 ADULT REHABILITATION GRADUATES (6 MONTH RESIDENTIAL PROGRAM) 4

Are We Effective? Our clients’ expressions of gratitude say “Yes!” Olga and Erica “If it was not for The Salvation Army of Silicon Valley my sister and I would not be able to provide the basic needs for our children. It is so good to know that when things are tough financially, we can go to The Salvation Army and receive help. They always understand our situation, give support and provide for our needs both physically and emotionally.” Dan Director of Emmanuel House “When I first came to The Salvation Army, I was lost, homeless and living a life of addiction. It was during my time at the Army’s Adult Rehabilitation Center that I was able to find purpose and meaning for my life. After 16 years of sobriety and now working as the Director for our Men’s Shelter, I am able to be a testimony to the Grace of God and encouragement to the men we serve on a daily basis.” MaryEllen and Joe “My wife and I are homeless and currently living in our car. If it was not for The Salvation Army’s Senior Nutrition Program, we would not have a safe place to eat a good healthy meal on a daily basis. At the Senior Program we have found a warm, welcoming place where we have made good friends and have a place to go to keep us off of the streets. I’m thankful that The Salvation Army of Silicon Valley provides a place for seniors like us to come for safety and a place of community.” 5

2017 Report - Salvation Army Silicon Valley
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