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WOZ Playbill _Proof

Margaret Fontana - City

Margaret Fontana - City Father 2 / Jitterbug/Winkie Guard Margaret is new to acting and to the RPST. She has participated in talent shows both at Riverplace Elementary and at Grandview Hills Elementary in the past. When not in theatre practice, Margaret enjoys playing soccer, basketball & softball a well as cooking, baking & doing craft projects. Benjamin Fournier - Lollipop Guild/ Jitterbug - Featured Dancer/Winged Monkey Introducing!!.... Benjamin Fournier!! Better known as Ben, this kiddo was ready to jump into RPST in Kindergarten!! He loves tagging along with his big sis, Isabella Fournier, and will totally rock the Lolly Pop Guild Munchkin role!! Isabella Fournier - Munchkin #2/ Jitterbug/Winged Monkey Isabella is back for her second season of RPST and loving every minute of it!! This child just SHINES!! Katelyn Gage - Munchkin/Jitterbug/Winged Monkey1 Katelyn is a 1st grader this year and The Wizard of Oz will be her 2nd RPST production. She made her acting debut as the Field Mouse in last year’s production of The Lion King. Katelyn also enjoys Girl Scouts, tumbling and soccer. Grace Garrett - Coroner/Jitterbug/Winkie Guard Grace loves to sing and is thrilled to have a part this year with RPST. She was in the Lion King last year in the chorus and is now hooked on theater and costumes! Besides signing, Grace loves drawing and running. 38

Kloe Garrett - Lullaby League/Jitterbug - Featured Dancer/Winkie Guard This is Kloe’s first time in RPST and she loves it! She is so excited to have a dancing part and also be in the chorus. She’s enjoying putting her ballet and contemporary dance skills to work for the play. Some of her favorite things besides dancing are reading and swimming. Katie Goldsworth - Munchkin/Jitterbug/ Winged Monkey This is Katie’s first try at theater and she’s having a blast! Katie is in the third grade and loves playing soccer, horseback riding and making videos with her friends. Addyson Hadley - Munchkin/Jitterbug/ Winged Monkey This is her second year in RPST. She loves the anything where creativity is involved. Some of her favorite things are drawing, animals, and reading.! Olivia Jacob - Coroner/Jitterbug/Winkie Guard This is her first experience with a full theatre production, but she not new to the stage or acting. She has been performing her own plays from the time she was little, as well as annual dance recitals. She loves to do most things crafty - especially drawing. Reading is a daily favorite, but swimming takes over in the summer. Samar Khan - Apple Tree #2/Jitterbug/Winkie Guards This is Samar’s second year at RPST and she could’n’t be happier! She loves the sense of community and the friendships she has gained at rehearsals. Theater has brought about a sense of confidence and charisma in her that was just waiting to come out as a star. Wish her all the best in the show! 39

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