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WOZ Playbill _Proof

Milana Kudrick -

Milana Kudrick - Barrister/Jitterbug/ Winkie Guard Milana is proud to put her love of the spotlight into ACTION with RPST! This is her 3rd performance with RPST. She enjoys being outside swimming, hiking, riding her bike and can also be found cheerleading and tumbling. Milana always has a smile and loves LIFE!!. Harper Land - Munchkin/Jitterbug - Featured Dancer/Winged Monkey Harper is a theatrical girl that enjoys all kinds of music. She is always singing and enjoys watching musicals. This is her first year being in the RPE musical and she could not be more excited! In her spare time when she is not singing, she likes to draw, play with her friends and do gymnastics. Norah Linton - Apple Tree #1/Jitterbug/Winkie Guard This is Norah’s third year in RPST & she absolutely loves it. Norah is a vivacious 3rd grader who thrives whenever she is pursuing her passion of the month whether building Lego structures, experimenting with slime or researching anything Narwhal. She enjoys being part of Girls troop 2287 & absolutely loves camping with her fellow troop friends. Lucy Luppino - Munchkin/Jitterbug/Winged Monkey This is Lucy’s first theater performance. Many of her friends are in RPST and she is excited to perform She can often be found singing around the house and being silly. The Wizard of Oz has been one of her favorite movies for years so she is very excited to get on stage as a munchkin, jitterbug and winged monkey. 40 Madison Maguregui - Woman/Jitterbug - Featured Dancer/Winkie Guardorus 2017 marks Madison’s 2nd year with RPST. Madison enjoys acting & performing which makes RPST a perfect home! Since the age of three, Madison has been in Dance & Gymnastics & has recently joined the Pop Warner Viper Cheerleading Team. Madison always gives 100% to everything & plans to remain a part of the RPST Family for the coming years!

Olivia Mason - Munchkin/Jitterbug/Winged Monkey Olivia is happy to be part of this amazing production of The Wizard of Oz. She has enjoyed dancing, acting, singing, and spending time with theatre friends. Caoimhe McDaid - Munchkin #1/Jitterbug/ Winkie Guards Caoimhe loves singing around the house and mimicking people . This is her first time taking part in a show.She thoroughly enjoys it and It has given her confidence in herself. She loves going to the shows at Zach Theatre . She also plays soccer and the ukelele.. Christopher Mireles - Lollipop Guild/Jitterbug - Featured Dancer/Winkie Guard Although this is Chris’ first production, he has always been able to express himself with song and dance. He is a gifted and talented student and has won art competitions. Chris and his sister love to entertain family and friends whenever they can Maya Mireles - Jitterbug/Winkie Guard - Leader Maya has always loved singing and performing. Being a part of the “Wizard of Oz” is a valuable experience for her. She is a skilled artist, dedicated student and has competed in school talent shows. Art, music and dancing are a big part of her life.! Navya Modi - Lullaby League/Jitterbug - Featured Dancer/ Winkie Guards Navya is making her theater debut in The Wizard of Oz. Navya, a 3rd Grader, loves music, dance and is an accomplished pianist. She is grateful to her friends and family for their love and support and would like to thank all those involved in the play for making this a very rewarding experience.. 41

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