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Metamorphosis_Kalahi-CIDSS Compendium 2015

“ Ti sukatan ti

“ Ti sukatan ti abilidad iti maysa nga tao babai wenno lalaki ket saan gayam nga ti pisikal a kinapigsa, kinangato ti pinagadalan na wenno iti kaadu iti sanikuwa na no di ketdi iti kinapudno a panagserbi iti pada nga tao. ” The measure of one’s ability, either a woman or a man isn’t really the physical strength, educational attainment or financial capacity; it is her or his genuine drive or intention to serve her or his fellow. Phases of a Discovered Leader By Mayrose Urbano-Cariño and Gemmuel Daria 7

ealization came vocally from a 46 years old woman, an attitude far from what A she was before. Lourdes Poclis of Barangay Besao West, Besao, Mt. Province said that she used to be a shytyped person, a very quiet woman that she didn’t disclose much of her feelings even to her husband. Though she rarely talked about her aspiration, her hard work and determination for her family say it all. “Uray no kasaanu ti kinarigat ti biag da, ni Lourdes ket naanus nga agpanunot iti nadalus a pamusposan tapnu matulongan na ti asawa na nga agsapul para iti pamilya da ken tapnu matungpal ti arapaap da a makaturpos dagiti dua nga annak da” (Though they know how hard life is, Lourdes is patient to think of ways on how she can help her husband on their family income in order to achieve their dream of having their two children graduate in school) her sister-in-law remarked. Aside from her household works, Lourdes also has field work. She joins her husband in farming. This is her way in helping her husband for their children’s education. With education, her children will have better future according to her, who once desired to finish her studies but did not due to her family’s financial condition. While working, though she kept mum on things she observed in their community, her mind kept on thinking and hoping for possibilities. Some questions revolved on her head such as why were women treated differently, why women workers in their barangay only receive Php 150 a day compared to the Php 200 salary of men on the same labor they did or why women seemed to have many duties in their everyday lives. She liked to raise these concerns to their barangay or to her husband but she was afraid and did not have the courage to discuss such matters. When Kapit-Bisig Laban sa Kahirapan Comprehensive and Integrated Delivery of Social Services of DSWD came and started its implementation in their municipality, Lourdes was one of the residents who became community volunteers. For Lourdes, being member of the community volunteers’ group where she can participate, listen, talk sometimes and learn were the only roles of a community volunteer. But as time progressed, she experienced how a community volunteer worked on her own ways. For the first cycle or year one of Kalahi-CIDSS’ Community Empowerment Activity Cycle (CEAC), their proposed communal irrigation system was not granted or prioritized. Just like other volunteers, Lourdes was upset but hopeful that there’s another cycle to be implemented. In 2011, fortunately, second cycle happened. “Diay cycle 2, nakita me no kasatnu dagiti 8

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