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Metamorphosis_Kalahi-CIDSS Compendium 2015

Volunteers at Heart.

Volunteers at Heart. Community volunteers in Barangay Dalayap in Langiden built a flood control which to this day is beneficial to the community* 13 Team (MCT) did their best to explain to the communities and let them realize that Kalahi-CIDSS is not just another project that will cause them dismay but a project that will be implemented through their efforts and not by the politicians. Then, day by day as guided with the Community Empowerment Activity Cycle (CEAC), the Project’s process of implementation, step by step community to community was able to grasp the uniqueness of Kalahi-CIDSS and little by little, community volunteers were increasing as others became curious of this good news. Participation of the community people became more noticeable. Municipal Inter-Barangay Forum (MIBF) where each barangays will present their proposal and will assess on their approval as prioritized proposals based on communities set criteria. Three (3) barangays were then prioritized with funds allotment. During the 4th Barangay Assembly, ACT heard from the winning barangays how excited they were for the Sub-Project Implementation (SPI). They’ve been asking on trainings or activities for the preparation for the SPI. While the non-

prioritized barangays were disappointed, they themselves accepted that they had faults especially on their participation. However, they were hopeful and promised to do their best for the second cycle. So overwhelming to know that community people understand what Kalahi-CIDSS is for and what it really wants for every community it serves. The greatest thing to be seen and experience at this moment is to see how people appreciate and accept the Project and how ACT and MCT see little by little, day after day, the inculcation of empowerment to the people of Langiden, Abra. There is still a long way to go on through and the team is very expectant that the communities will make it, bearing with them the knowledge and process imparted by the Kalahi-CIDSS staff. They see another side of the reality that there are still people and groups who are still there for them, willing to listen and support their needs and dreams and finally, to attain them hand in hand for community development, which is the main objective of Kalahi-CIDSS. Knowing the challenges that the team may encounter next, by heart and mind, the ACT who once the strangers of Langiden became stronger and confident that with the good news that they were able to share to the communities will continue. And, later, they were not only the advocates of good news, the advocates of the Project but the community, the communities, themselves. // 14

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