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Metamorphosis_Kalahi-CIDSS Compendium 2015

The Beauty of cORDIllera

The Beauty of cORDIllera mornings By Mayrose Urbano-Cariño In the cold mist of between mountains and the breeze crossing the river of Abra, the dawn breaks slowly to a radiant Cordillera morning. This nature beauty of a morning may observe by a tourist. Unfortunately, this may also forget or ignore by the locals who consider their sunrises as their normal days of waking up as experienced by a couple of Langiden. Before the sun rises, Maricel and Glenn Berońa already wake up. Walking towards their kitchen, one makes a cup of coffee then goes out to check and wash the tricycle, while the other stays to prepare for breakfast and calls the rest of the family when the food is ready. As one leaves for work with the children for school, the other remains to do other household chores. To the couple’s household, this scenario is their household routine, their typical morning. But when Maricel became a community volunteer, her usual doings had changed. Unlike before, she was no longer a home buddy. She later went out of their house for a community work, a set up which turned the couple’s struggle, leading into some household quarrels. 15 For Maricel, experiencing changes and adapting to them were not new. She was originally

from Florida, Pampanga until she met Glenn who is from Langiden, Abra. It’s not actually a love at first sight according to her. But with Glenn’s perseverance in courting her, the two became closer each day that they were together. And unexpectedly, she fell in love to this man, she smilingly recounted. Their love blossomed in Pampanga since 2001. They became a couple, and then later started a family on their own. They stayed there for two years as Glenn narrated to finish his construction work. Later, a blessing came to their lives. They decided to move and settle in Langiden for their growing family. New environment, new house, new neighbours, new or additional role and new culture for Maricel were such changes she faced. Taking all of these, Glenn testified that one by one, she was able to adjust. They build their home with three children, namely Glemar who is 11 years old, Giselle, nine and their youngest, Princess, five. However, as their multiple roles rolled, balancing their time with their daily activities became their problem. It began when Maricel got influenced by her neighbours to join in a Barangay Assembly at their barangay hall. There, she was oriented about Kalahi-CIDSS Project of DSWD just like the other residents who participated. She became a frequent participant in meetings, Community Facilitator Roxan Ramirez said. While Maricel was in her way in discovering her community role, she also encouraged Glenn to attend in Kalahi-CIDSS activities with her. But, then, their additional role was a challenge to them. “Narigat talaga nga agibalanse ti oras lalo no sika ti babae ti pagtaengan” (It’s really hard to balance time especially when you’re the woman of the house), Maricel said. Sometimes, she went out early or returned home late, making some of her household chores left undone or some dinners turned late. And sometimes, because of tiredness, she “ Narigat talaga nga agibalanse ti oras lalo no sika ti babae ti pagtaengan. ” It’s really hard to balance time especially when you’re the woman of the house. _Maricel Berońa, Community Volunteer 16

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