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Metamorphosis_Kalahi-CIDSS Compendium 2015

17 wanted to ask her

17 wanted to ask her husband to also cook for their dinner but did not have enough confidence to say it. For Glenn, sometimes he had second thoughts of involving himself to such activities due to his tricycle driving schedule. His participation was half-hearted, he admitted, saying “haan ko talaga ikaskaso dagidyay maar-aramid idi, no maminsan umayak, no maminsan haan, ta kailangak nga agpasada” (I was not that serious on what’s happening, I would go sometimes, and sometimes not because I need to drive). One morning, they never knew that one of their attended trainings would be a help for their situation. Glenn was originally hesitant in going because he thought it’s only for women, fortunately he joined after the community facilitator corrected his notion on gender sensitivity training. Maricel shared “naipalpalawag kanyami dagiti responsibilidad me a kas ina ken ama nga maibagak nga maysa daytoy nga training nga haan ko malipatan” (it was explained to us our responsibilities as a mother and a father, which I can say that this is one of the trainings I won’t forget). Day after day, the couple noticed some changes. Glenn helped his wife in cooking and laundering their used clothes. While, Maricel organized her community work through setting it in the morning. “Na-realize ko nga babae man o lalaki basta kayat na nga aramiden ti pag-imbagan na, agaramid nga agaramid isuna ti paraan” (I realized that either woman or man, as long as they want to be better, they will find ways), Maricel disclosed. When she learned that their community’s sub-project will start its implementation stage, according to her co-volunteers, she chose to be a regular laborer. Initially, her practical reason in joining the paid labor was to add or support her husband in generating their family’s income. As she continued working, her motivation became to support their community’s dream, to have a flood control. Though experiencing hot weather while working, hot and heavy stones to move and arrange, Maricel expressed that “kinanayonak nga busy ken adda kinanayon nga magungun-ud ko ket naragsakak nga makatulong” ([it] keeps me busy and productive and I’m happy that I’m helping). “Nakitak met nga uray marigrigatan ni misis, ket itultuloy na latta isunga sinuportarak ti kayat na” (Even though my wife experienced difficulty, she still continued so I supported what she wanted [to do]) Glenn shared his view on his wife’s involvement to the Project. Maricel and Glenn came to believe that there is a time for everything – time for their family, for work and for themselves. With their experiences as a couple, they learned to know

Through thick and thin. Maricel Berońa juggles her time attending to her family and her community works* their priorities and manage their time as a mother and a father, or wife and husband or community volunteer or maybe other coming roles. Eventually, the couple found the beauty of their morning, the extraordinary on their ordinary day – that is when they became open to chances and changes that life brings. And every day, they hope to continue finding extraordinary which makes their every waking time worth standing in their radiant Cordillera morning. // 18

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