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Metamorphosis_Kalahi-CIDSS Compendium 2015

Pastor Jun : Volunteer

Pastor Jun : Volunteer From a to an Belerma Advocate of Change > “ By Strelle C. Quejado Ar-aramidek daytoy panagtulong, as a pastor ket makitak iti hand of God. Ginagamit ni God ang project na ito at ako, para matulungan ang mga tao. This is an instrument, a channel of blessing. Makitkitak nu inya iti purpose iti panag-biag ko ditoy lubong. This is my mission. (I am doing this, because as a pastor, I can see the hand of God. God is using this project and me to help the people. This is an instrument, a channel of blessing. I can see my life’s purpose in this world. This is my mission.)”, shared Pastor Rufino “Jun” Belerma, Jr. or “Manong Jun” as he wants him to be called. Manong Jun is from San Juan, Abra but moved to Barangay Lamao, Bucloc, Abra on 2011 to serve as a pastor at Highland Tingguian Baptist Church and at the same time, as a volunteer Values teacher at Labaan Elementary School. A year after, another opportunity to serve and fulfill his mission came into his way. It was in 2012 when the proposed sub-project of Barangay Lamao was prioritized for the 2nd cycle of Kalahi CIDSS in Bucloc. Since he has been staying in the said barangay serving as a pastor, he then volunteered to be part of the Project Preparation Team (PPT) for that cycle. He also helped during the construction of their drainage canal. Manong Jun shared that the constructed drainage canal is a piece of their hardwork, it was exactly how they visualized it when they were making the proposal. “Idi inimplement mi diyay [sub-] project, adu met a ti naadal ko, nakita mi iti ‘sense of ownership’ diyay project mi, adda iti pannakailala. Kinuna mi nga, ‘daytoy ket project mi’ Iti importante ket mabati kanya mi diyay [sub-] project ken kanya mi diyay en.” (When we implemented the [sub-] project, we learned a lot, we had this ‘sense of ownership’ for our project. We told [ourselves], ‘this is our project’. What is important is that the project will stay in the community, and that is already ours.) 27

Manong Jun shared that prior to the construction of the drainage canal, they have been encountering problems especially during rainy seasons, to include health and sanitation issues in the community. Some of the children were even getting sick due to the foul smell coming from the pathways, and at times, rain water may be mixed with the urine of their animals or water from the laundry. The construction of the drainage canal made a positive impact on improving the health of the people within the community, their crops, their farm animals, as well as sanitary conditions in the community. The drainage canal was constructed through the funding of the Millenium Challenge Corporation and the Millenium Challenge Account – Philippines. As of October 2014, the project is already 90.85% complete physically. After a year of being a volunteer, Manong Jun decided that he would like to be a part of the program, not as a volunteer but as one of the facilitators. He said he would like to share everything he learned as a volunteer to other communities implementing the program. He recalled that before the program most of the people in their community were very passive. Bucloc Drainage. One of the projects accomplished by Pastor Jun Belerma when he was still a community volunteer in Bucloc, Abra* 28

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