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Metamorphosis_Kalahi-CIDSS Compendium 2015

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e included in the program),” Quimloong Barangay Captain Jimmy Cabaio said. Barangay Quimloong was the most resistant and passive barangay of Bucay especially during the Social Preparation Stage of their 1st Cycle. On the 2nd cycle, Barangay Quimloong was one of the prioritized barangay with their proposed water system sub-project. “Iti kayat mi pay ngamin ditoy Kalahi-CIDSS, naikkan iti boses dagiti tao. Idi ngamin, dagiti proyekto iti barangay, puro amin barangay officials nu haan nga iti munisipyo ti agdesisyon. Maragsakan kami nga makitinnulong ta naikkan da kami iti kapangyarian, iti power nga agdesisyon. (What we appreciate in Kalahi-CIDSS, the people were given a voice. Before, barangay projects are decided by the barangay officials alone, if not the municipal officials. But we are now very happy to take part because we are now given the power, the power to decide),” Community Volunteer Adela Somera shared. 33 Heart for development. Community Volunteer Gloria Baltar (in pink shirt) served as one of the Participatory Situational Analysis (PSA) volunteers for Brgy. Salnec, Bucay Abra. She was also awarded as the 2014 Salamat Po National Awardee as Best Advocate for Volunteerism*

“ Para akong nagkaroon ng kakampi noong dumating ang Kalahi-CIDSS. ” (I feel like I gained an ally when Kalahi-CIDSS came.) _Mayor Victorino Jr.Baroña Proud Volunteer Awarded last January 2015 as Salamat Po! National Awardee for Best Advocate for Volunteerism, Kalahi-CIDSS gained another champion in the name of Ms. Gloria S. Baltar. During the first two cycles, Gloria has been one of the Participatory Situational Analysis (PSA) volunteers. On the third cycle, she served as the Barangay Sub-Project Management Committee Chairperson of Barangay Salnec. Gloria is now an acting secretary to the Mayor, and is still one of the most active community volunteer. “Kalahi-CIDSS pay laeng iti programa iti gobyerno nga nangipakita nga awan iti mapil-pili iti bumarangay. Ditoy, you will feel included. Daytoy pay lang ti programa nga amin ket mabalin nga agvolunteer, amin ket mabalin nga tumulong, amin ket mabalin nga makitrabaho. (Kalahi-CIDSS is yet the only program of the government who has shown that no one is favored in the community. Here, you will feel included. This is yet the only program where anyone can be a volunteer, everyone can help, and everyone can work.),” Gloria starts to share her story. “Dagiti tao ditoy idi, uray awan experience da iti construction, bookkeeping, agmanage iti kuwarta, makita nga willing da nga masuruan. Dagiti dadduma pay, natalna da, haan managsa-o. Idi naki-join da iti Kalahi-CIDSS, nagbalin da nga aktibo. Dagiti volunteers mi nga idi ket awan experience da, tatta nu agsa-o idyay sango, baka maibagam pay nga engineer, wenno accountant, wenno budget officer ida. Haan kami nga managbain tattan. Ta anya kuma iti ikabain mi? Maibaga mi pay nga limmaing kami. Amin, gapu iti Kalahi-CIDSS ken iti panagpursige mi. (Even without experience on construction, bookkeeping, budget management, the willingness to learn of people here before is very evident. There were also some, who were very quiet. And when they joined Kalahi-CIDSS, they became active. Those volunteers who do not have experience before, when they speak in front, you might mistake them as engineers, accountants, or even budget officers. We are not timid anymore. Because what are we supposed to be ashamed of? We can even say that we are better now. All because of Kalahi-CIDSS and our persistence),” Gloria added. 34

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