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Metamorphosis_Kalahi-CIDSS Compendium 2015

Kalahi-CIDSS pay laeng iti programa iti gobyerno nga nangipakita nga awan iti mapil-pili iti bumarangay. Ditoy, you will feel included. Daytoy pay lang ti programa nga amin ket mabalin nga agvolunteer, amin ket mabalin nga tumulong, amin ket mabalin nga makitrabaho. ” Kalahi-CIDSS is yet the only program of the government who has shown that no one is favored in the community. Here, you will feel included. This is yet the only program where anyone can be a volunteer, everyone can help, and everyone can work. _Gloria Baltar, Community Volunteer 35 During the Leaders’ Fellowship last February 2015 where she has been invited for a short speech to share her experience, Gloria attested that Kalahi-CIDSS has been one of the factors for the decreasing crime rate in their municipality. “Even our crime rate decreased. Kasi bakit pa kailangang magnakaw? Pwede silang makitrabaho sa Kalahi-CIDSS. Pag tapos na, pwede silang magtrabaho sa irigasyon, sa palayan, dahil maayos na ang patubig. May water system na. Mas madali na din silang makapag-transport ng produkto nila dahil maayos na rin ang mga kalsada. Ilan lang po yan sa naitulong nga programa sa amin. (Even our crime rate decreased. Because why do they have to steal? They can now work with Kalahi- CIDSS. If [the sub-project] is already finished, they can now work at the farm, because the irrigation system is already improved. We already have water systems. It is also now easier to transport their products because we now have better roads and access ways. These are just some on how the program has helped us.),” Gloria shared during her testimonial. “Hindi naman maitatanggi na noon, talagang ang focus namin ay ‘yung implementation ng sub-projects. Kahit pa paulit-ulit na sinasabi ng mga ACT namin na reward lang namin ang mga sub-projects, at ang main project ay iyong CEAC. Pero noong tumagal, narealize namin, ang laki pala talaga ng naitulong ng mga natutunan namin sa CEAC, lalo na ‘yung mga trainings para sa mga volunteers. Ngayon kung may proyekto ang munisipyo o ang barangay, hindi na kami nahihiyang magtanong o makiparte. Kasi natuto kami sa tamang proseso at alam na namin. (We will not deny that before, our focus is on the implementation of subprojects. Even if the ACT keeps on reminding us that the sub-projects are just our rewards and the main project is the CEAC. But as time goes by, we realized how everything we have learned from CEAC has helped us, especially the trainings for the volunteers. Now, if there

are municipal or barangay projects, we are not ashamed to ask or to take part, because we learned the right process and we already know.),” Gloria shared as she recollect how the program has helped their town. Passion for Development Mayor Baroña also took an active part in the program implementation, especially in the delivery of their local cash counterpart (LCC). Probably, DSWD has already gained Bucay’s trust for its programs and services. The MLGU now annually allocates budget for their LCC to Kalahi-CIDSS, Bottoms-up Budgeting (BUB), and other DSWD programs. Barangay Captains are also encouraged to continuously support DSWD programs and services by allocating counterpart from their barangay budget. With Kalahi-CIDSS’ principles on participatory, transparency, and accountability, the MLGU has served as the role model to the BLGUs in becoming a participatory, transparent, and accountable community. “Monthly meetings are held wherein every department at the municipal hall will do an updating on their monthly accomplishments, budget reports, or if we have issues and concerns that needs to be addressed. We also hold weekly executive meeting of all community volunteer,” Mayor Baroña shared. He even joins Barangay Assemblies – not to intervene, but to observe. To others, Abra may have been known for its political turmoil or even for the various political killings. But, every Abrenian would wish for these perceptions to change. Every Abrenian would be willing to prove that there will always be room for change, for development. As Gloria continues to advocate Kalahi-CIDSS and the CDD process, her heart for a better Abra continues to wish for something more. “Malaking pagbabago po ang nangyari sa Bucay dahil sa Kalahi-CIDSS. Kung lahat po sa gobyerno ay susundin ang proseso ng Kalahi-CIDSS, siguro po, doon lamang po talaga natin masasabi na wala nang korupsyon. Hindi lang dito sa Bucay, hindi lang dito sa Abra, hindi lang sa Cordillera, kundi sa buong Pilipinas.” (Kalahi- CIDSS made a very big impact to Bucay. If everyone in the government will follow the Kalahi-CIDSS process, maybe, that will be the time we can say that corruption no longer exists. Not only here in Bucay, not only here in Abra, not only in the Cordillera, but in the Philippines). Mayor Baroña is now one of Kalahi-CIDSS’ champion for improved local governance. He continues to support, and shares to fellow Cordilleran politicians his experiences and gains from the program and what Kalahi-CIDSS has done to Bucay, Abra. “Even without Kalahi- CIDSS, let’s continue to do the process. For years, it did something good to Bucay, this time, it’s our part to do something better.”// 36

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