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Metamorphosis_Kalahi-CIDSS Compendium 2015

Being a woman is an

Being a woman is an amazing journey, especially now that I’m expecting a new life inside of me. Every stage of my life unfolds changes. Change begets new things. This follows that new things beget beginnings. And I realized, as a woman goes on to the journey of womanhood, with the changes and beginnings, she is evolving into a woman who has the courage to take ways and choose her own road of happiness. A Woman’s Drive for Happiness 37 By Mayrose Urbano-Cariño When I went to Langiden, Abra, I had the chance to meet women who have courage and compassion not only for their family, but for their communities. Maricel Berońa of Sitio Nalnas, Bgy. Dalayap is one of these women. She stepped out on her comfort zone and did something for her family, not noticing that her simple act of determination indeed did something for her own community. Maricel’s move to Langiden is one of her life changing decisions. She was originally from Florida, Pampanga until she met a man from Langiden, Abra and unexpectedly fell in love. They stayed in Pampanga in a while, as Glenn, her husband was finishing his construction work and later decided to settle in Langiden. Moving means a change. For Maricel to adjust to various changes she encountered, such as new environment, new house, new neighbours, new or additional role and new culture was really a challenge she smilingly described especially on their language and culture. But she accepted these changes. Glenn actually testified that she was eager to learn. She is a fast learner and now a fluent Ilocano speaker, her husband added. “Nakapag-adjust sak met ken naayatakkon ditoy nga maibagag tatta nga balaykon” (I came to adjust and love this place I call now my home), Maricel shared. They build their home with three children, namely Glemar who is 11 years old, Giselle, nine and their youngest,

Princess, five. Taking good care of her family is her number one priority, she explained as she knew the difference growing without her own mother. Though she has stepmother, still she longed for her own. In spite of this, she is known in their place being diligent, reliable and friendly. “Dagidyay gagayyem ko, ibagbaga da nga kasla awan ti problemak ta di da makita nga malidlidayak. Ta gamin ket pilpilyek latta nga agbalen nga naragsak” (My friends even thought that as if I don’t have any problem since they don’t see me sad. This is because I choose to be happy), Maricel said laughingly. Her positive outlook in life makes her open to changes, especially for the better. That’s why when Kalahi-CIDSS was launched and implemented in their municipality, she became one of the supporters of the Project. From attending to every Barangay Assembly to participating to their sub-project implementation, Maricel was there. She even one of the women community volunteers who joined the labor of their flood control, their prioritized sub-project. Since Maricel and Glenn became community volunteers, at first, they got a problem in managing their time with their activities on Kalahi-CIDSS, time with their family and also with Glenn’s work as tricycle driver. But, to give up or quit on Maricel’s role as a laborer never came as an option to solve their problem, instead they talked and agreed to balance their roles and to have a division of work as Maricel narrated. Aside from their involvement with Kalahi-CIDSS, Maricel’s family is a Pantawid Pamilya beneficiary. However, the grantee is named to Glenn’s mother since they stayed before in her house. But, now that they have their own house, Municipal Social Welfare Development Officer Layla Visoria said that she and the Pantawid Municipal Link are coordinating this change of grantee case so that Maricel’s family will be the direct beneficiary. But either ways, Maricel and Glenn do their best on their responsibilities as parents to their children and also follow their Pantawid Pamilya beneficiary duties in order to have a healthy growing family as they learned on Pantawid’s family development session as well as on Kalahi- CIDSS gender sensitivity training. Their active participation to these DSWD Programs capacitated them to be better persons. The trainings and orientations they attended especially when they had the gender sensitivity training (GST) were enriching. As Maricel recounted on their GST experience, Glenn was originally hesitant in attending because he thought it’s only for women, fortunately he joined after the community facilitator corrected his notion. Maricel was thankful on this training because it opened progressive learning to them and to their fellow volunteers. She even noticed Glenn on becoming more supportive and loving. And their solution of having a time management to make their multiple roles easier and attainable was one of 38

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