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Metamorphosis_Kalahi-CIDSS Compendium 2015

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their practical applications from what they learned on this training. Armed with learning and experiences, Maricel has the initiative to look on what she can contribute for her family’s development. When she learned that their community’s subproject will start its implementation stage, she volunteered to be a regular laborer. Initially, her practical reason in joining the paid labor was to add or support her husband in generating their family’s income. She was motivated to work hard for her family. She woke up early to work on their flood control. Aside from enjoying her work, being friendly as she is, Maricel also gained new friends. “Nariknak nga adda ti pakikisama, tinnulungan ken diyay spirit ti bayanihan kanyami, isunga mayat ti pinagtrabaho mi nga agkakadua” (I feel the camaraderie and the spirit of bayanihan that’s why we enjoyed working together) she said. As she continued working on their sub-project, she then realized that it was not their honorarium they received on their labor, her reason became to support their community’s dream. And according to her, experiencing hot weather while working, hot and heavy stones to move and arrange was just a little sacrifice for them as community laborers because their “ ud ko ken naragsakak ditoy. ” Kayat ko talaga ti ar-arramidek ditoy Kalahi-CIDSS. Kinanayonak nga busy ken adda kinanayon nga magungun- I really like what I do in Kalahi-CIDSS Project. It keeps me busy and productive and I’m happy on it. _Maricel Berońa, Community Volunteer goal of wanting to finish their sub-project on time to avoid possible disaster which they experienced before was bigger than any hindering factors of this goal. “Kayat ko talaga ti ar-arramidek ditoy Kalahi-CIDSS. Kinanayonak nga busy ken adda kinanayon nga magungun-ud ko ken naragsakak ditoy” (I really like what I do in Kalahi- CIDSS Project. It keeps me busy and productive and I’m happy on it), Maricel described on her engagement to the Project. Her awareness on gender and community empowerment widens her horizon on opportunities and good changes on her life, on her family and even on her community. She also learned that if women limit themselves and just stick inside their houses, they will not know their opportunities. Being an active community volunteer was not that gradual. It also undergoes a process just 39

like Kalahi-CIDSS. As for Maricel, she admitted that at first, even she really liked the Project, she thought that her participation on Kalahi-CIDSS will affect her other roles in her family. But with her open mind and heart, she proceeded and learned new things which she never imagined. “Gapu ti Kalahi-CIDSS, na-realize ko nga babae man o lalaki basta kayat na nga aramiden ti pag-imbagan na, agaramid nga agaramid isuna ti paraan. Ken ti Kalahi-CIDSS ket haan laeng para kanyak wenno para ti rang-ay ti pamilyak no di ket para ti pagruk-ay ti komyunidad tayu” (Because of Kalahi-CIDSS, I realized that women and men, as long as she or he wants to be better, she or he will find ways. And Kalahi-CIDSS is not only for me or for my family’s welfare, it’s for our community’s development as well), she said. A dependable daughter, understanding wife, loving mother, jolly friend, and dedicated community volunteer rolled into one woman. Maricel really evolved into a woman she chose to be. As they say, happiness is a choice and Maricel acknowledged this. Choosing and deciding are very crucial moves in life, those life turning moves, because they determine what you will become and where you will be. And I know that Maricel will have other sets of choosing and deciding as she goes by on her journey. To Maricel, or to us women, as we continue to inspire and get inspired and empowered in our journeys, let us remind ourselves this quotation from Helen Keller – I am only one; but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something; I will not refuse to do something I can do. // 40

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