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Metamorphosis_Kalahi-CIDSS Compendium 2015

Malabbaga children “

Malabbaga children “ Tatta ket makasapatos kamin, toy ading min ket agay-ayam da pay idiay kalsada no panag-aawid. ” We can already wear shoes, even our younger siblings can play along the road on the way home. _Prince Reyes, Malabbaga Elementary School Student Body President concrete road may just be an ordinary physical structure for most people, but A for Barangay Malabbaga in La Paz, Abra, it is everything they hoped for. Malabbaga is one of the barangays in the municipality of La Paz. It is home to 312 households whose main livelihood is rice farming and trading, and animal husbandry. It hosts an elementary school and a day care center with total enrollees of 240. For the longest time, villagers have suffered from walking through unpaved and usually muddy road within the barangay. School children were the most affected by this deplorable road condition of the community. In a group interview with Grade 6 pupils, they recounted that they would always reach school or get home with muddy footwears. Prince Reyes, the student body president of Malabbaga Elementary School said that before, they would always wear slippers rather than shoes since it is more convenient to wash them when they reach school and vice-versa. He added, “Dagidiay ubbing met ket ubbaen ti nanang da nga ipan eskuelaan ta maigal-galis da (those who are younger than us were being piggybacked by their mothers because they would always stumble).” Lorna Belena, principal of Malabbaga Elementary School, also recalled, “One night when I 45

says goodbye to muddy slippers Walking home nice and dry. In their slippers, students of Malabbaga Elementary School enjoy walking home after they were dismissed from their classes* was rushing to attend a wake, my sandals were stuck on the mud so I opted to remove my shoes and walk barefooted.” Likewise, Barangay Captain Romulo Espiritu shared that farm produce were sometimes left rotten because the farmers were hesitant to tread the muddy road. Another villager, Jovy Ola, recalled that there was a time when a woman in labor was being rushed to the hospital, but with the unpaved road, the tricycle had to be pushed by a couple of men. 46

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