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Metamorphosis_Kalahi-CIDSS Compendium 2015

Ab-abuyog: 49 Home to

Ab-abuyog: 49 Home to Whang-od, a famed traditional tattooist and Macli’ing Dulag, a renowned tribal hero, Tinglayan in Kalinga Province can be considered as a seat of cultural heritage. Like most indigenous communities, bayanihan is among the cultural practices in this community. For Tinglayan, they call it ab-abuyog. This was a practice where farmers help each other in tilling their farms. However, time caused the deliberate relapse of this heritage. Years passed, ab-abuyog became a forgotten culture in Tinglayan but has now found its way back to weave the community. “For a time, we forgot how our ancestors built this community without a formal government” says Tinglayan Mayor Johnny Maymaya Sr. “All they did was just help each other build these communities,” he pondered. Not until the Department of Social Welfare and Development introduced the Kapit-Bisig Laban sa Kahirapan-Comprehensive and Integrated Delivery of Social Service (Kalahi- CIDSS) Project in the municipality in 2011. Maymaya acknowledged that the best gift Kalahi-CIDSS has given to his town is the revival of bayanihan spirit. The Kalahi-CIDSS Project is one of the core poverty reduction programs of the Philippine Government which aims to empower poor communities through the community-driven development (CDD) approach. This is an approach that gathers communities and gives them the control over planning, decisions-making and implementing projects for local development. Tinglayan and CDD A fourth class municipality, this town is home to 12, 557 people majority of which are

weaving communities to achieve desired development Indigenous People of Kalinga. “In Kalahi [CIDSS], they require community volunteers to work on the project and people have their own lives to deal with so it was hard convincing people to volunteer,” Mayor Maymaya said. Since it is a requirement, the community just complied without realizing that along the process, they are already reliving the values of ab-abuyog which is an old-age practice of their ancestors. Maymaya recounted they had to strategize in order to get the support of the community “ For a time, we forgot how our ancestors built this community without a formal government. All they did was just help each other build these communities ” _Johnny Maymaya Sr., Municipal Mayor of Tinglayan, Kalinga members. On the part of barangay officials, Maymaya says he holds the release of their allowances, if they cannot deliver their responsibilities for the projects. “I know this is a bit too much but look at what it brought us,” he exclaimed. With unwavering hope of the local government unit, the community eventually started to work together for the sub-projects they themselves have identified. After three years of working with Kalahi-CIDSS, Tinglayan has already put up 38 infrastructure projects. “We now have barangay health stations, day care centers, school buildings, river control, 50

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